What is "premature" in electricial installations.

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  1. Joe95

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    Assuming you are fixing to brick/concrete and the like, would screws that do not require wall plugs be a good idea?
  2. leesparkykent

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  3. MGW

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    I am not able to use a hammer drill or anything which vibrates, so it would need at least for me, a new tool to be able to use fixing which can stand fire and will not injure me using them. The report did not say what happened with the old wood rawplugs, years ago builders would put in lumps of wood in kitchens with the whole idea of fixing cupboards to them, Also round wood rawplugs were used before the plastic ones came out.
  4. Bob Rathbone

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    If it's hot enough to melt the raw plugs in the brick, then this is not a suitable escape route any longer.
  5. HarDeBloodyHarHar

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    What is "premature" in electrical installations?

    Safety comes first!
  6. JP.

    JP. Screwfix Select

    Dont get it - dont even understand what premature means within electrical system deployment parameters - premature what? Premature fitting of things which then have to be taken out because they are obstructing stuff? Premature dinner breaks? Premature payment of bill by customer? Premature efli testing?
  7. MGW

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    This the real question once all live people have escaped there is no real need for firemen to still be in the building. Remember it was firemen who were killed when the cables dropped not escaping personnel. However without entering the building they will not know it is empty of live people. They have to assess the risk, so unless there is a fire proof badge on the front of the building saying this building will not drop cables under x deg C all the regulations are useless.

    I have worked on stress relief with temperatures of 600 and 700 deg C at this temperature steel is RED hot and the only material we could use was fiber glass and even then it would be damaged. So little will take temperatures that high it is unreasonable to expect any fitting to work that hot, may be 400 deg C but even at 200 deg C there will be little chance of anyone escaping only people in special PPE could escape through that.
  8. chippie244

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    I've resisted for so long but premature is common with electricians, sorry.:p:p
  9. unphased

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    Answered adequately in post #3. No idea why you lot are insisting on continuing a debate over a single word? Why not get your dictionaries out for the duration.
  10. spinlondon

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    Every 3rd tie (about a metre apart) is usual.
  11. Lectrician

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    Cables above a fire break do not need supporting. The reg was introduced mainly due to entanglement of fire fighters.
  12. 140ronmoggles

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    Interesting that electricians blame firemen, without one word of proof. Yet most firemens work nowadays is dealing with poor work by electricians..
    That's a fact, I am electrician and was a fireman for 20 years.
    You all know it comes down to cost. Someone, justifies their existence and writes regulations that they can use to beat you in court.
    Metal cu case an example .
    Metal or plastic cases wouldn't make a jot of difference to a fireman yet firemen get the blame. Never mind that someone is manufacturing new cases and earning money from it.
    Firemen get the blame for the change yet it is electricians who fitted the units and tightened the screws,or not, which is more likely.
    You all know the routing of some 'other blokes', those you will not work with..
    Are you one of those?!?!
    For what it's worth, I agree the regs are cobblers but they have got to start somewhere.
    (Diy'ers allowed for)
  13. Coloumb

    Coloumb Well-Known Member

    No one blames the firemen mate, no here anyway. It was just an accident and that's that. I expect it was more a H and S dept thing tbh.

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