What is the recommended Screwfix hand saw for cutting kitchen worktops??

Discussion in 'Kitchen Fitters' Talk' started by Steve Harvey, Dec 2, 2003.

  1. Steve Harvey

    Steve Harvey New Member

    What is the recommended Screwfix hand saw for cutting kitchen worktops?? I would assume one with a fine tooth pitch.

    Thanks in advance

  2. ~StevieB~

    ~StevieB~ New Member

    a saw is the one thing I don't buy from screwfix....I more often than not buy a sandvik hardpoint 244 (or they are now known as bacho..or something to that effect.)they are about £8..last quite long and are good for anything..the last time I bought saws from sF was a pack of 5 cheap shots and they lasted about 5mins each..really poor..I'll stick with sandvik/bacho anyday..
    by the by..the worktop..cut with a sharp saw(when you decide what one to get).and then give it a wee blast of a sander to get a smooth finish for edging.
  3. ~StevieB~

    ~StevieB~ New Member

    forgot to say, the glue and laminate on the worktop will ruin any good saw so don't do spending a fortune on one to do the job .
  4. unphased

    unphased Screwfix Select

    try a left handed dog-legged crook saw...jeez must be gettin near Xmas..:|
  5. dunc

    dunc New Member

    If the cut is visible use a circular saw and guide. Hand sawing is never perfect. I like Stanley Jet Cuts.
    A good quality work top is hard and blunts the saw very quickly.
  6. kesh

    kesh New Member

    It'll also take the edege from circ saw blades quickly!
  7. Tired-old-git

    Tired-old-git New Member

    as above ...hows the cockney rebels? are they still your mates?
  8. kesh

    kesh New Member

    I think that's "harley" - like bike.

    Incidentally, a friend of mine got head hunted for his re-formed band & he's a real bast* to work for!!
  9. WOLF

    WOLF New Member

    it is best to use a circular saw for cutting work tops to length, and if so work from the bottom of the worktop, NEVER from the top, as the teeth on a circ blade cut UPWARDS.....and also cut from the front bullnose or what ever face shape, as if you start from the back you risk breakout from the front...but never use a hand saw to cut a work top....the results are not good..even using a professional fitter....
    one good tip on using a circular saw for work top cutting is to set the blade depth to 2-3mm deeper than the worktop, no more .....
    trust the above is helpfull
  10. bodget&scarpers

    bodget&scarpers New Member

    iv we r just talking about cutting 2 length, just use a jigsaw with a down cutting blade, any slight chipping will b hidden by tiles/splashback
  11. everhopeful

    everhopeful New Member

    I find jigsaw with down cut blade best, but before you cut use a craftknife with a new blade and scribe against a straight edge several times to give a cutting line.
    Run a pencil down the groove and rub it in, then wipe off. Put masking tape each side to protect the surface.

    Cut on the waste side and DON'T FORCE IT. Once you get good at it you can use this for jointing corners with mason's mitres or suchlike.
  12. kesh

    kesh New Member

    I would use a circ saw for straight cuts, a worktop jig & 1/2" router for corners, & a reciprocating saw for cut-outs.

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