what is this wood ?

Discussion in 'Carpenters' Talk' started by midlands based services., Mar 15, 2010.

  1. I have a dining room table soon to be listed on an auction website but havnt got a clue what it is. I will link a post to it once its on but it is a deep brown with a tinge of red. Anyone know what its likelyto be, thanks.
  2. wuddy

    wuddy Member

    it is for eating meals off

    hope that helps ;)

    seriously its probably mahogany
  3. *

    There is the link with a picture. Please dont take this off admin as it is in no way taking any business from yourselves, just helps with my enquiry.

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  4. audi-evo

    audi-evo Active Member

    Is it all the same wood?
    The corner of the table has some damage which shows a very light colour underneath.
    Would suggest it may be just a red stain.
  5. busy builder

    busy builder New Member

    My guess is it won't be solid timber as in 'mahogany'

    but possibly a cheaper hardwood on the lipping and legs, and chair backs. the table is probably MDF with veneered top.

    Why lip a beautiful hardwood table, otherwise ?
  6. chippie244

    chippie244 Super Member

    any offers on it yet?
  7. tonynoarm

    tonynoarm New Member

    Underneath the table, rub excessively a small area with sandpaper, this will probably expose chipboard underneath, proving it is just a veneered finish.
  8. Porkie

    Porkie New Member

    fella came into the joinery i worked a few years back, had a stain on the table and asked the boss of the joinery if we could put it under the power sander to take it out.

    Boss told him it was a veneered table but the guy (his mate) insisted we do it saying he'd paid good money for it and was solid timber...."feel the weight of that" he said. Couple of runs, all good. Fella says' "one more time please"

    ooops, there ya go mate, veneered as we said

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