What lighting and electrics would you suggest for hallway, stairs and landing in 1920s semi?

Discussion in 'Builders' Talk' started by ELK81, Apr 13, 2021.

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    We need to do first fixings of electrics before re board and skim 55m² of our hall, stairway and landing.

    We currently have a ceiling pendant in the hall and landing ceiling but it's a dark area of the house due to a light limiting 80's added porch.

    Would you go for spot lights downstairs on the hall ceiling and a chandelier upstairs? My other half says spots would look too modern but someone who re-did her hall regrets not adding them when she could. I can't decide.

    We plan on the finish being with a period feel, e.g. ornate cornicing, ceiling rose etc

    I'm also thinking of adding wall lights for evening ambience but where would you locate these for best effect?

    Also would you run ethernet to each room upstairs, or any other services whilst it's like this? I'm adding more sockets and convenient light switches.

    Electrics are about 25 years old with more recent RCD unit but the Electrican we just had out said they are fine.

    Also wondering whether to get mains smoke heat alarms or battery.

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