What moulding do I need?

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  1. Hi guys,

    I am building out some panelling in my hallway using 12mm MDF for the styles/rails etc. Previously I have used a bead moulding from B&Q that sat inside the squares which looked nice - but this time I planned to use one that has a recess on the back and sort of bridges from the inside to the outer part?

    I am not explaining this very well :confused:

    Below is a picture using the type of moulding I am after, it looks similar to just picture frame moulding but has more depth. Any tips on what to search for would be super helpful! I have installed all my bottom rails at 120mm (to leave around 100mm exposed panel once the moulding is on, if I can't find a moulding then 120mm rails will be too wide :(
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    no picture?
  3. Sorry was switch to mobile as easier to upload. The moulding effectively sits flush with the inside of the panelling, and then sits proud of the rails/styles

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  4. "offset panel moulding" is what I have found a US guy call it on YouTube. Doesn't bring much up in the UK mind (aka any!)
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    i think it may be easier to just visit the likes of B&Q, Wickes etc, or even your local timber supplier, bring a sample piece of your MDF and test out what looks best
  6. None of them do this type of moulding, they are all flat backed (designed to sit flat, inside the panel), this is the profile

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    "offset panel moulding"
  8. Yes I found the answer to my own question, although not sold here it seems. Closest I can get is called a Bolection moulding, typically used for door panels to make it look like a raised panel. Found one with a 12mm rebate that should do that job!
  9. The added benefit of using this, and a rebated rail alone the top is you can fix all the MDF in parts that will be hidden and thus have zero hold filling/sanding :cool:
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    nice...hope it turns out well
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    I think that what you are looking for is called a "bolection moulding" (strange word!). This is a moulding that wraps over the projecting surface of the frame. Used a lot on Victorian era doors and provides good protection against gaos caused by shrinkage of the material in either the panel or the frame.
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    See a lot if these panel types in corridors of warden asisted retirement homes. Some look good while other's look OTT.
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    Thanks for this link. Looking to buy a number of different odd shaped beading and quadrants and it has been really useful.
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  17. Thanks guys. Bolection moulding is where I ended up (via WRP) it does the same thing you just need one with the exact rebate where as an offset panel moulding can tilt and work with a range of material sizes. I got my sample through today, here as some pics of it, it’s perfect I’m happy
  18. 6mm overlap which will hide the Brad nails

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  19. For anyone wanting to see it now I’ve started installing. Like a Wally, I ordered 18 lengths of the wrong item (B777 not B777-1) which had a 9mm rebate not 12mm.

    thankfully on the return into the doorway I switched to 9mm MDF as it’s sitting on top of the skirting not behind it like the rest of the hallway (so it doesn’t foul the door). It’s worked out well so far. Much easier to get the mitres nice as there is a bit of play and it still covers the edges of the panels.
  20. Took me quite a while to do these bits that bridge the corner

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