What ratio do I need for PVA and Water before tiling?

Discussion in 'Tilers' Talk' started by bathstyle, Apr 13, 2005.

  1. bathstyle

    bathstyle Active Member

    I thought that would get your attention Mudster!

    Have you got that link for the Rubi wet cutter that you have?? I'm finally coming round to the idea that I need to buy one, I'm getting more and more of these type jobs coming and dont want to hire anymore.

    Thanks, :)
  2. dj.

    dj. New Member

    bstyle you naughty boy, no wonder our mudster suffers with high blood pressure. :)
  3. Hey, Now that's something i can tell you off pat 1:3 1 part pva to 3 parts water to seal existing plaster, ready for re-tiling.... :)
  4. Bob Property

    Bob Property New Member

    Ooh Er! Mudster's blood pressure must be getting even higher.
  5. bstyle,

    Link to Trade Tiler:-


    well worth the investment, it speeds you up and produces a much higher quality.

    Go for the model with the legs, it makes life much more comfortable.

    DW200LP should be perfect for you.
  6. m3, search through previous threads about PVA, it's become a standing joke on here that I'm on a one man crusade against uing this stuff.

    It's not and never has ben compatible with tiling.
  7. bathstyle

    bathstyle Active Member

    Thanks for the link, it's been added to my favourites :)
  8. Wow..........just checked out those Rubi prices..... I replaced my TS40 in 1996, paul down at ceramic design in woking got hold of it for me, and it was £155.00 then! and I remember doing him a favour by bringing back some authentic german washboys from munchengladbach...Thanks for the link aswell :) Ps.. I check out previous threads ref: the white stuff
  9. wgr

    wgr New Member

    people have got an obsession with PVA, 1 in 3 person who i plaster for asks me how much pva to put on before painting...i just ask them what are they glueing to the ceiling???

    who tells these people this!
  10. bathstyle

    bathstyle Active Member


    When I visited the Trade Tiler website I couldnt resist having a quick look at the forum. After registering (bstyle) I get a PM from one of the Mods over there to ask if you can come over to the site! So if you're interested in having a look the web site is:-

  11. It's nice to be popular..:)

    I'll take a look.

  12. Well that was one of the more interesting exchanges I've had on a forum.
  13. bathstyle

    bathstyle Active Member

    I had no idea it was like that Mudster, If I knew I wouldn't have posted the link!

    Did you read my posts about the 6mm ply?
  14. Yeah, I couldn't quite comprehend what I was reading.

    Thats the problem that occurs when people like that set up a site. The advice is plain wrong, as soon as you start correcting the poor advice, you open yourself up for a torrant of abuse.

    Ah well...
  15. bathstyle

    bathstyle Active Member

    I was going to paste some of the stuff they wrote onto this forum as I knew it wouldnt be long before we were all booted off their site.

    Been booted off now though!
  16. timmyboy

    timmyboy New Member

    Hi bstyle. If your such an expert, why are you asking munster about pva? Don't you know you shouldn't use it when tiling. LOL. This is a great site, suits both you and munster and the retarded handyman. ***, what a bunch of retards...
  17. bathstyle

    bathstyle Active Member

    Oh brother, it was a question I used to get Mudsters attention as he is known to hate the use of PVA with tiles. Read the threads, you may learn something.

    6mm ply, cracking one! Balsa wood Bath panels, even better.....you guys are great!
  18. handyman.

    handyman. New Member

    Admin and moderators, please remove timmyboy from this forum for the comments above,

  19. timmyboy

    timmyboy New Member

    LOL! You mean I won't be able to participate in this great forum?
    "Mummy, daddy, please delete this member, I don't like him"...you ignorant jack of all trades.
    You think I don't see you coming on my forum. Your IP is logged, and with that I have additional information about you. You and bstyle can keep registering fake names, all is being documented...
  20. timmyboy

    timmyboy New Member

    To the mods of this site...
    don't bother deleting me as I won't be coming on here anymore. Just like you to know that you have members here that abuse other sites. It doesn't look good for a reputable company like Screwfix, does it?
    Have a nice day handyman and bstyle. LOL...

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