What recession....

Discussion in 'Job Talk' started by G Brown, Oct 17, 2008.

  1. slapiton

    slapiton New Member

    just back from the pub then ? old builder man jack.
  2. Tam

    Tam New Member

    aye what recession,sign on the dla get a car/van then work away four hours a day can`t be bad,sell your house get a council house money in the bank dont tell the cooncil they pay everything have a concience,does gordon brown?
  3. sammy toaster

    sammy toaster New Member

    you sound a bit bitter tam, wots wrong then? missus run off as she?
  4. sir graftalot

    sir graftalot New Member

    weeks to build a small extension

    * me ur not doing my extension! where was your last one ? buckingham palace?

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  5. slapiton

    slapiton New Member

    calm down boy, take a deep breath, thats it, now tell us all about it.can i help? was thinking of setting up a forum for" builders wot had swollyed it" the ******** that is.
  6. Captain Leaky

    Captain Leaky New Member

    It's not that bad out there...yet ;)
  7. HOTDOG ø

    HOTDOG ø Active Member

    Well it's certainly biting now.

    Builders seem to have disappeared off the face of the earth.

    Plumbers ( especially CORGI's) are still busy but I guess the cold snap is helping.

    Everything else is well down.
  8. G Brown

    G Brown New Member

    Any CORGI who is not swamped with work during this cold snap needs to ask himself why.

    I'm absolutely inundated!

    I suspect it might be tougher once the weather warms up though. :(
  9. HOTDOG ø

    HOTDOG ø Active Member

    it was extremely busy today on the plumbing counters, boilers flying out and lots of leaks and emergency work inundating local plumbers...I hope it lasts!
  10. slapiton

    slapiton New Member

    ifi had a corgi i would give him agood boot in the hole.
  11. tackleburger

    tackleburger New Member

    Slapiton you are a *. By the way another £380 today.

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  12. Captain Leaky

    Captain Leaky New Member

    This winter has probably been the busiest for many many years. Will it continue like this?

    Probably not.

    THE BUILDER MAN New Member

    im now booked up for the next 12 months and next saturday view another job, which is at least another 6 months work and for an existing customer never ever been so damn busy
  14. G Brown.

    G Brown. New Member

    WEll what you doing on here so much? ;)
  15. NERD!!

    NERD!! New Member

    The recession by the way is the stupid thing the newspapers, the chap on the radio, the tv bloke and just about everyone elce will not blinkin well stop moaning about. If everyone keeps telling everyone elce how bad it all is then of course it will be bad. Why not think of something more cheerful eg. the weather (even if it is rubbish as well) or at least we're not as brainless as nutterhead - as a surgestion.
    Mind you at least this 'recesion' gives the Financial Times something to write about.
  16. HOTDOG ø

    HOTDOG ø Active Member

    If we don't talk about it will it just go away?
  17. nutterhead

    nutterhead New Member

    No, but if we don't go about like scared rabbits and refuse to buy anything then it might.

    (apologies to all those who can see that I am stating the obvious)
  18. the voices

    the voices New Member

    oi oi lads and lasses, i personaly dont give a t--s what anyone earns and i never gob off about how much or how little i have to do to earn my wage, i pay good money for good work and if the works not spot on you dont get a penny all the trades who work for me now this. never had a bad trade in yet as they know me and my expectations. work wise we are ok and even if were a bit short it wont affect me as i live within my means and i only spent what ive got.been trading for 22yrs and seen it all and heard it all and my spelling is still bad.....

    RKS ROOFING New Member


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  20. chippie244

    chippie244 Super Member

    He posted that Jan 18th!

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