What should be the day rate of a professional electrician?

Discussion in 'Electricians' Talk' started by RatsAndHounds, May 27, 2021.

  1. RatsAndHounds

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    What would you generally expect the daily rate to be of a professional electrician in the South East?
  2. anything from £200 but its like an individual thing what people charge, we don't work to the JIB rates, most of the sparks i work with charge £250 upwards on a day rate, but if your in London start at £400 and all are plus vat
  3. Comlec

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    Do you mean the rate that an electrician would expect to receive as an employee or as self-employed?
    Or do you mean the rate you might be expected to pay a contractor/company to have an electrician on site?
  4. Tony Goddard

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    For me its £200 per day, I'm south east. Hourly £30, call out £40 + £30 per hour thereafter or £200 / day. Occasionally, for a good customer, on a job I'm going to enjoy with a good run of days i'll go a bit lower.

    Some charge a lot more, todays customer was telling me about a fairly small job they had done by a big contractors, minimal materials, 1 and bit days, one man, £2K

    I know of firms who charge a fixed £85 minimum charge which includes 2 hours.
  5. Astramax

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    I would do my own electrical work but use another guy as I can't afford my prices.
  6. The Happy Builder

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    Some of the advice given on this forum is worth at least £40.
  7. Astramax

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    Keep trying, you will soon get to earning at that level!
  8. The Happy Builder

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    Could try a setting up an DIY advice line on a premium rate phone line.

    Apparently social media really took off during the lockdowns, but now we are all trying to get back to work the hits are falling dramatically, I guess this forum will slow down as well.

    It was only when the lockdowns started the I started frequenting this forum regularly having been a member for fifteen years. I’m getting far more phone calls than I was a few months ago and the cabin fever is wearing off!
  9. MGW

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    Back in 1985 my time in the South (Falklands) was charged to PSA at £25 per hour, worked a 12 hour day, so £300 per day.

    But in the UK it depends on the job, I have worked in Heathrow even though home was North Wales, so it depends if worth travelling to do the work, unlikely worth it for one day, but there is a limit to how much more London based electricians can charge, but the cost of parking and going into central London with electricians away from London not using electric vans means there is quite a loading for London.

    But I worked in Sizewell which must be classed as South East and generally the rates were not much higher than the North West. Most away workers make the money due to long hours, the heathrow job was a standard 10 hour day, but now I live in the Mid East of Wales I find tradesmen cheaper than in North Wales. In west Wales it depends if you speak Welsh.

    I expected to find more people available during lock down, but that was not the case, the tradesmen I wanted seemed to be fully employed, but the main problem was England and Wales did not lock down together so English tradesmen could not work in Wales and Welsh could not work in England, which caused a lot of problems.

    The local heritage railway shut down even though they provided a local service, as many of the engine drivers were English, it has reopened as a tourist attraction, but not as a local service as not enough people to man the stations.

    Before lock down I would not worry about travelling 100 miles to work, but now things have changed, although my son was working in the republic of Ireland and staying in a hotel in Ulster. Normally lived in North East Wales and worked in England, not sure what one calls Liverpool, not really North but neither is it Midlands.

    Electricians come in many flavours, an electrician able to work with inverter drives and PLC control in general gets paid more than a domestic. Until there is flooding when due to the scheme membership system is seems domestic electricians can name their price.

    But North Wales is not far from Liverpool, but the tolls mean we rarely worked there, so the rates either side of the Mersey can vary a lot even when only a couple of miles between Liverpool and the Wirral. Specially now Runcorn bridge has a toll.
  10. The Happy Builder

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    Back in the 1970’s before Maggie got to work there were Joint Industrial Councils that set minimum wage rates for workers which were generally accepted and expected.

    There still is BATJIC the Building and Allied Trades Joint Industrial Council though I doubt many in the Building Trades actually know about it as it doesn’t have the clout it used to have.

    In the 1970’s there were two rates, the top rate was London and Liverpool, the lower rate was the rest of the country.

    I cannot imagine that many people expect the London and Liverpool rates to be the same anymore.

    These rates are for employees on the books with pensions and all the other benefits of being an employee

    So on top of those rates an employer has to add on their overheads and profits.
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  11. The Happy Builder

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  12. MGW

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    I seem to remember I was classed as an advanced electrician under some national scheme, and so my pay was fixed by this scheme, which was higher than the fitters, so Laing decided to even it out by giving the fitters more bonus.
  13. Hans_25

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    I’m in the SE, it’s £250 per day for most trades.
  14. RatsAndHounds

    RatsAndHounds New Member

    Self employed
  15. Ind spark

    Ind spark Active Member

    £200 a day Birmingham

    Edit: ish

    Employed anything from £14 to £17 per hour ish
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  16. Comlec

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    A rule of thumb
    1. work out what you want as a 'wage' (eg £32,000)
    2. then start adding all your employment costs (NI, pension, sick pay holiday pay etc)
    3. Then add all your business costs (Van, tool replacement, scheme memberships, insurances etc)

    Once you have all this you can divide the total by the number of days you will work,

    If you are offered work at a set daily rate you can work out in reverse how this translates into a wage.
  17. Dx80

    Dx80 New Member

    We are based in the home counties and charge up to £27:50ph +Vat and pay up to £17:50ph.
    And £50 per night stay out
  18. Ind spark

    Ind spark Active Member

    Not sure if £50 is enough anymore I used to get £70 10 years ago.

    £17.50 is decent tho.
  19. Dx80

    Dx80 New Member

    To be honest it is more if we put them up in a pub / hotel. Most stay away jobs are reasonably long term and we tend to arrange for one of the lads to take his own caravan down and a stay on site rent free during the week but still pay the £50 per night for staying out.
  20. Ind spark

    Ind spark Active Member

    Fair enough.
    I used to work for a company based in Wales they used to pay £65 a night, we done a lot of work in Bristol which was only an hour a 20 for me I used to travel and still get the £65 it was great.
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