What size grout gap for wall tiles?

Discussion in 'Tilers' Talk' started by lilyp, Jul 22, 2018.

  1. lilyp

    lilyp New Member

    Could someone tell me what the normal size for a wall tile would be and what gap has been used on my picture below? I've just had my kitchen redone including floor and wall tiles, and I was a bit suprised by the size of the grout gap on the walls which appears to be exactly the same as the floor tiles. I thought the gap would be slightly smaller on the walls? Compared to Wickes product pictures of these type of tiles (pink ones below) the gap seems quite a bit bigger to me. I am not completely happy with the appearance of the tiles but I'm not completely sure if it's just that I didn't pick the right tiles for the look I was going for, or if perhaps the grout gap is changing the overall effect. I just didn't expect the grout to be quite so visible :/ I liked way they looked when they were first fixed up on the wall but once the grout went in, not so much.


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  2. rogerk101

    rogerk101 Screwfix Select

    Firstly, I can't see you pictures.
    Secondly, there's no such thing as a standard grout gap.
    I usually use 3mm, but that's mainly because I have a box of 3mm spacers that I keep reusing with every surface that I tile.
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  3. lilyp

    lilyp New Member

    Sorry about the pictures, I did something wrong but I think I have sorted it as I can see them now.

    I see, so there isn't really any particular standard gap size for walls versus floor tiles, I didn't realise that. I had read someplace that 2-3mm was normal for walls and 4-5mm better for floors so I think that's why I wondered.
  4. Isitreally

    Isitreally Super Member

    I've just done my bathroom/wetroom with 4mm on both wall and floor.

    Was going to use 3mm but the shop didn't have any.

    My tiles are both 300mm x 500 mm and look ok with the 4mm joint.


    Now I'm not a tiller and this is my 1st attempt, so please don't pick holes in it. :D:D
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  5. lilyp

    lilyp New Member

    Your tiling looks great to me, nothing to pick holes in at all! Not that I'm an expert lol, but they look lovely.

    I think perhaps I just have picked the wrong tiles for the look I wanted. Maybe I'll have to learn to tile too so I can afford to change them!
  6. CGN

    CGN Screwfix Select

    Look fine. There is less contrast in tile to grout colour in Wickes picture.
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  7. longboat

    longboat Screwfix Select

    Holy moley.
    What have you done, IIR? :eek:

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  8. Dr Bodgit

    Dr Bodgit Super Member

    Tiles look fine to me.

    No, they look good.
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  9. DaveF

    DaveF Active Member

    It varies. 6mm for floor and 3mm for wall is pretty common but it's up to the installer. Normally there is some variation in the size of tiles, so you don't want to go too small otherwise the variation in size will make everything look bad. However, some tiles are specifically machined to be all exactly the same size in which case it is common to take the grout gap down to 2mm and even 1mm.
    Those tiles look great. It's a nice neat job. I think the real issue here is that they used white grout and while that looks smart it is a contrast that some people don't like. Also white gets grubby pretty fast. I tend to buy coloured grouts or dyes and mix up something that is as dark as possible but more importantly goes with the look you want. TBH it's not a very good idea to have white behind a hob. If it drives you mad then provided it's a standard grout then you can remove it ( the sooner the better ) and use something else. Incidentally, a white grout that close to the hob really should be epoxy or it will go off colour very fast. Let's hope they didn't use that because no way can you remove epoxy grout. But as for the gap, that's fine, just the colour is too much of a contrast for your liking.
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  10. lilyp

    lilyp New Member

    Ahhhhhh I see! Thank you that really helps. I couldn't quite understand what it was about it I wasn't keen on. Like others have said it's a very neat job, and I really liked the overall appearance before the grout went in but couldn't figure out what I didn't like about it afterwards. I don't know which grout he used, I will have to ask. I know it was something called Mapei Ultracolour on the floor as I still have the bag here but I'm guessing it was a different type on the walls. Really hoping he didn't use epoxy!
  11. Dr Bodgit

    Dr Bodgit Super Member

    Would have been better to have a splash back behind the hob, a glass one to match in with the tiles would look smart.
  12. candoabitofmoststuff

    candoabitofmoststuff Screwfix Select

    Up to the client, surely? (Albeit perhaps with advice from installer!)

  13. Dr Bodgit

    Dr Bodgit Super Member

    Well yes and no. 3mm gap allows for some unevenness so I'd say is "standard", 2mm may be possible if the wall is really flat and 1mm only if the tiler is happy he can work with such narrow grout lines.

    My tiler is saying he can do 2mm in the bathroom, won't do 1mm, while the tile place that I bought them from recommended 3mm.

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