What thickness backer board?

Discussion in 'Tilers' Talk' started by andusbeckus, Jan 13, 2022.

  1. andusbeckus

    andusbeckus New Member

    Hi, I’m planning on redoing the en suit and will be tiling the shower area. Question is what thickness backer board would be best to run up to the plasterboard? The plasterboard is 9.5mm so would 10mm be good?
  2. andusbeckus

    andusbeckus New Member

    More to the point is it better to have as close as possible to the depth of the plaster board or say 6mm backer board as the tiles + adhesive will add depth anyway.
  3. JimTiler

    JimTiler Active Member

    10mm will be fine if plasterboard is 9.5mm but you will need to check your stud spacing and add extra timber to support backer boards under 12.5mm.
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  4. McSport

    McSport Active Member

    I used Delta Board for my wall in the Shower. Similar to Elements and Wedi.
    Very easy to work with but very likely to need extra Noggins. Especially if you are Tiling due to flex.

    10mm fitted well butted up to Skimmed Plasterboard just outside the Shower Area.
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  5. andusbeckus

    andusbeckus New Member

    thanks for the reply, how far apart do you think studs would need to be?
  6. JimTiler

    JimTiler Active Member

    I use Deltaboard also, studs for 10mm should be 300mm centres.
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  7. PCS_Customer_Rep

    PCS_Customer_Rep New Member

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