What to do with raised patio?

Discussion in 'Landscaping and Outdoors' started by mark watson, Sep 3, 2021.

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    I'm after some opinions on what to do with the raised patio out the back. What is currently there can only be described as ****!

    At the moment you can see that it's about 300mm under where the bifolds are, ideally I'd like to have a step of 100mm or less (DPC is at the bottom of the doors which is fine for that). Currently one end is only a rise of 300mm from the ground and the other end is about 800+1000mm from the ground where there is a supporting wall and a drop. Supporting walls are not too sound (see the big crack) and the wrong bricks have been used so frost-thaw is popping all the faces off. The patio is nowhere near flat/level which you can hopefully also see, causing pooling in the winter/rain. Underneath the slabs is sand onto clay and no drainage.

    So what to do? Mulled over a couple of choices. Building a carcass to surround it a pour concrete straight onto it plus reinforcing it. But what lies underneath will still be **** and would it just fail, crack and sag?

    Could deck, but it is obviously subject to going rotten (composite is expensive and I don't really like the look) and slippy AF in the winter and it'll be the main access from the back of the house and I have two young kids who don't understand going slow.

    Access isn't the easiest, everything would have to be done by hand and I don't have a massive (not even big, pretty small tbh) budget either so I'm quite stuck on what to do.

    So my question to anyone who would care to reply, what would you do?


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