What to use to fill void in floor-internal wall removed

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  1. Glarhzilla

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    Hi. I've had a wall removed in my house and have what I can describe as damp course bricks in the floor they're a slate looking colour. I've chiseled away the tops of the bricks/slates so they're now under the level off both both floors either side(kitchen/diner). What would be my best route to fill the area to bring it level? Latex levelling compound? Or cement based filler?

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  2. DIYDave.

    DIYDave. Screwfix Select

    What’s finished floor going to be ?

    Vinyl, tiles, laminate, wood, other ?

    If using levelling compound, any gaps around bricks need to be plugged otherwise SLC will just drain away

    Is it a solid floor under or suspended ?
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  3. Glarhzilla

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    Hi mate.
    Both side are concrete. One side has a polished concrete I think it is and the other size some sort of asphalt/bitumen. The finished floor will be moisture barrier underlay then laminate.
  4. Glarhzilla

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    Anyone got any ideas? Thanks
  5. rogerk101

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    I would put in a new DPC on the top of the ex-wall, and then fill the gap with a mortar mix of 4 sand to 1 cement. I'd also toss in a fistful or two of fibre glass (pick up from your local builders merchant).
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  6. Glarhzilla

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    Hi mate. You mean do all this to the area where the wall was taken down or are you referring to the massive channel cut out in the picture? Because that channel was for a waste pipe. That's been filled. It was the part below the Rsj where the wall was taken out and the bricks in question are below. Sorry the picture was clear at all really.
  7. DIYDave.

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    What’s the depth from top of bricks to current floor level

    As above, straight forward sharp sand and cement mortar mix, brush away loose material and damp down before adding. To improve bond between old and new can use SBR diluted with water 1-4 mix to brush over all surfaces before adding mortar. Trowel to compact and smooth off

    Just depends on depth needed as screed, mortar, etc has a minimum pour depth otherwise may crumble and break away - think around 25-30mm minimum depth. Added ‘fibres’ and a splash of SBR in the mix ‘may’ allow a thinner pour but, I can’t say for sure, I’m diy only

    Much less than this depth then go self leveller, still prep area by ‘dusting’ and a coat of SBR before pouring
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  8. Glarhzilla

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    Hi mate thanks for such a detailed reply. The bricked area has been lowered approx 10-20mm so I think like you say a self leveller will work then. Again thanks alot for your help.
  9. DIYDave.

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    Yep I think knowing the fill depth is the critical question here !

    Self leveler it is, otherwise your looking at high tech screed mixes that can be poured thinner

    Mapei Ultimate is good value and fine for solid substrates but max 10mm pour in one hit, can then pour 2nd layer

    Mapei Ultrapan is flexible (which you don’t really need) but max 40mm pour in one hit- more expensive but time saving

    Goes down pretty runny so make sure there’s no gaps where the SL can drain away

    Hope all goes well :)
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  10. Glarhzilla

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    Thanks again mate will mate the purchase now. Can I use any sort of primer prior to application? Thanks
  11. DIYDave.

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    What you don’t want is PVA - wrong thing here

    SBR is a latex based primer, but also has other uses for preping surfaces prior to tiling, bonding cement and mortar mixes to other layers, adding strength to mixes, etc

    Also sold under various brand names and other fancy product names but I don’t know the difference - I’ve just gone for Everbuild SBR

    Most places only sell in 5lt which is loads, especially as your diluting 1-4 with water

    Wickes sell a 1lt SBR which is handy
    Probably available else where in this size
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  12. Glarhzilla

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    Ah mate. Can't thank you enough. I've ordered everything I need now. Thanks so much for your time and help. Take it easy
  13. DIYDave.

    DIYDave. Screwfix Select

    Hope all goes well, straightforward job now, hardest part will be calculating quantity of SL required !

    Pleased I could help ...... just owe me a virtual beer and we’re quits :)
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  14. Glarhzilla

    Glarhzilla Member

    Thanks for all your help mate. Completed the task yesterday. Appears to have done the trick.

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