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Discussion in 'Painters' Talk' started by Guttercat, Aug 9, 2008.

  1. Guttercat

    Guttercat New Member

    I've a hot tub to quote for, inside and out.
    Any suggestions of the best stuff to use?


  2. Telmay

    Telmay New Member

  3. Guttercat

    Guttercat New Member


    Thanks for reply Tel.
    What kind of Sadolin would you suggest as I don't want it to look "painted" as it needs the "stained" look and I'm not familiar with Sadolin stuff.... the bloke in t'shop said Classic should do but on reading about it, it says to finish off with 2 coats Sadolin Extra.
    I've thought about doing it with a couple of coats of Dulux Woodsheen.

    I suppose i could use Ronseal 5 year outside, but I don't think that would be suitable for the inside.
    I've done the rest of the house with Ronseal 5 year Rosewood colour.
  4. Telmay

    Telmay New Member

  5. Guttercat

    Guttercat New Member

    In the Sadolin blurb.. it reckons that to use the extra durable you should be using a base of Sadolin Classic and I don't want to be giving it 3 coats on a price as it's bigger than it looks in the pic.

    The Ronseal sounds good, I just don't want any moaning over the colour with it being over bare wood instead of over mahogany on the house.

    The Sadolin Clear sounds good inside, but I'm a bit worried about all the louvres' .... keeping each side clear of the other. I've another one to do in the area.
    I'm putting a gutter up to stop all the staining at the bottom.

    Decisions....decisions. :(
  6. Telmay

    Telmay New Member

    Yep - do and be damned don't and be damned, never easy is it!
  7. devil's advocate

    devil's advocate New Member

    Guttercat, that building looks like a 'kit' rather than a bespoke item.

    So, I guess it'll have a manufacturer you could contact?

    I'd have thought that the assembly instructions would also have a 'maintenance' section.

    If no joy with either of above, then find a company who makes a very similar product and ask them :)
  8. devil's advocate

    devil's advocate New Member

  9. Guttercat

    Guttercat New Member

    Too late my friends... the damage is done. (Estimate's in)

    Here's what I decided:
    2 coats Ronseal 5 Year stain (water based) outside and 2 coats Wickes Satin Professional Microporous Woodstain 4 years,(solvent based) inside.

    Thanks Tel and devil's advocate. I just needed to talk it through. Sometimes I cant see the wood for the trees.
  10. devil's advocate

    devil's advocate New Member

    You're welcome.

    You know a lot more about it than me, anyways :)
  11. ponty01.

    ponty01. New Member

    Yep - do and be damned don't and be damned, never
    easy is it!

    Your easy with me Tel

    IWS: I Was Searching for you :)
  12. Telmay

    Telmay New Member

    No worries Guttercat.

    IWS I see you dont change - still as boring as ever

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