What type of drain is this and how do you unblock it?

Discussion in 'Plumbers' Talk' started by Andrew E, Jan 18, 2020.

  1. Andrew E

    Andrew E New Member

    (Please see the attached picture)

    I have two drains like this at the rear of my property, which seem to have some kind of "plug hole" in the bottom of them.

    One of them is blocked (what I assume is the outlet to the kitchen sink/dishwasher etc) and is filled top with milky water and is a bit smelly.

    My questions are therefore:

    • does this type of drain have a name?
    • what is the plug for? under what circumstances should it be removed?
    • how should I go about trying to unblock such a drain?
    I'm just about to go and pick one of these up, which I've ordered to hopefully help with tasks like these; some sinks and showers in the house drain a bit slowly sometimes.



    Many thanks,

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  2. Abrickie

    Abrickie Super Member

    Back inlet gully
    Plug remove for rodding
    Get your hand in and pull the **** out failing that see above
  3. Andrew E

    Andrew E New Member

    Thanks for your help Abrickie. Was a very mucky, smelly and unpleasant job, but got it all unblocked in the end.

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