What would you rate this bathroom interior?

Discussion in 'Just Talk' started by Sohodollz, Jun 9, 2022.


What would you rate this room?

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  1. Sohodollz

    Sohodollz New Member

    What would you rate this bathroom from 1 to 10? Does it look all right, and what would you describe as best and worst about this room? 12.jpg
  2. Hans_25

    Hans_25 Screwfix Select

    Can't see the bath and the room has no door! Try again.
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  3. stevie22

    stevie22 Screwfix Select

    Towels are neat.
  4. Kingscurate

    Kingscurate Member

    Wheres the photographer's reflection in the mirror?
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  5. Muzungu

    Muzungu Screwfix Select

    Bit of a mishmash of styles, actually major mix. Traditional looking loo, minimalist looking sink, wainscot paneling looks victorianesque, mirror modern. All the walls different paint or style. I know it's easy to criticise but this makes it very easy.

    You mentioned AI in your previous post. I am curious as to how AI is involved in the design of this as it looks just like the rendering from a conventional room design program, as another poster mentioned.
    Last edited: Jun 9, 2022
  6. Muzungu

    Muzungu Screwfix Select

    Wondering if the same program was used when Putin's daughter designed her flat in St Petersburg?
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  7. vrDrew63

    vrDrew63 Active Member

    They certainly are neat. But they won't dry very well folded up like that. Meaning you need a new towel after every use, and end up doing a lot of laundry, using energy, water, detergent, etc.

    Not to be snarky, but that's the problem with many interior decorating schemes. They might look fantastic in pictures - but in real life they turn out to be quite impractical.
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  8. Notnowvicar

    Notnowvicar Active Member

    Get better design software...that image is rubbish do you work for Barratt homes ?
  9. quasar9

    quasar9 Screwfix Select

    That’s AI’s imagination of a perfect bathroom! Curious as AI will never need to use one. But then again we know that AI’s learn by repeated “teaching” rather than programming so maybe it’s just reflecting on the so called perfect bathrooms” shown to it.

    FUNDIMOLD Active Member

    A new estate has just been completed in a nice village near me. 3 bed semis, no garage but you get a drive for 2 cars. £425k. And very nice too in the artists realistic 3d illustration. Not a car to be seen, just shrubs. I wondered, without a garage, where everyone was going to store the 'carp' that we all accrue over the years. Yep, on their drives under plastic covers. Nice. Shame the artist didn't include all the tat, white vans and trampolines in the rural idyll illustrations. Oh how I laughed when I saw the reality!
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  11. gadget man

    gadget man Screwfix Select

    You can just see it, right below the foot-bath..
  12. Muzungu

    Muzungu Screwfix Select

    That's what it is! I thought it was a drinking fountain.
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  13. Sohodollz

    Sohodollz New Member

    No AI was used to design this. However, it was made on the same platform. I was just wondering if people find this design attractive/appealing.
  14. Sohodollz

    Sohodollz New Member

    Really? Why should I?
    I am by no means a pro designer. Just looking for ideas to renovate a bathroom without any efforts to learn professional soft/techniques.
  15. Truckcab79

    Truckcab79 Screwfix Select

    Somebody will love it but if you post for opinions you’ll get loads of people who don’t.

    Personally I think there’s too much going on and too many materials and styles but as you’re not designing it for me who cares. Last bathroom I installed was all pink including pink mottled diamond shaped tiles. Haven’t found anyone who likes it except the client…who is the only one who matters.

    If you’re designing to attract business to your skills I’d tend to initially keep more strictly to the current fashion for quite pared down sleek shapes and materials, large format tiles, clean lines. Open spaces etc. Then also do some more eclectic stuff. Panelling, ornate papers, chandeliers, oversized (real) planting, reclaimed materials. Etc etc.
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  16. Truckcab79

    Truckcab79 Screwfix Select

    If it’s for you then it’s perfect. Don’t bother asking anyone else. Who cares. It’s not their bathroom.
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  17. Sohodollz

    Sohodollz New Member

    That was helpful :rolleyes:
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