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  1. Sparks.

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    Hi all, looking for advice on what to do with this. Looks like this drain was ignored when a conservatory was built, and it was just left with a slab of slate loosely over the top. It stinks a bit... Can anyone suggest the best method of sealing this up? A sealed lid maybe? Ideally a square one because it will be easier to lay flooring around :)

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  2. KIAB

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    If this is an old disused gully, how about lifting the manhole cover, pour water down this gully to identify it, and if you,r confidant it’s not in use, seal it off in the manhole, and the gully?
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  4. KIAB

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    Agree if you don't need access to, cut a piece of metal to fit gully, then fill with concrete, can put a plug in the pipe in manhole to seal it off.
  5. Sparks.

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    Thanks for your replies guys, the drain is in use, you can see the end of the 40mm kitchen waste sticking out through the concrete floor into the gully. I think this needs extending down into the drain because at the moment it's poring out onto the wall, not helping the damp problems in this old house! The cover you suggested Kiab looks like it may do the job :)
  6. KIAB

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    Not home, but did have a quick look for a smaller size & sealed version of the Clark Drain CD300SR cover below, their T1G3 might work, but it was a silly price when I last bought one.

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