whats happenin ? :O

Discussion in 'Just Talk' started by tomplum, Sep 18, 2009.

  1. tomplum

    tomplum Active Member

    there was a terrific poem on every thread, penned by the famous forum leader, then wooosh, its gone he's gone, oh my gOD ,good job its friday, i'm off t' pub
  2. mantor

    mantor New Member

    There's a man who won't be silenced,
    for he has much to say.
    Banning him from this forum,
    won't keep that man away.
    He'll be back, I know he will,
    with a different username.
    It's a pity all that *he spouts,
    will still be just the same.

    [Edited by: admin]
  3. Fairy Nuff

    Fairy Nuff New Member

    Chust testing, 'cos I haven't a flamin' clue what they find so contentious:

    I guess I’ve done it – I’ve gone too far,
    my username has had a bar.
    Admin are such a tetchy bunch,
    ol’ d-a’s been sent out to lunch.
  4. Fairy Nuff

    Fairy Nuff New Member

    2nd verse...

    I’d like to say I don’t give a *,
    But I do, so don’t worry – you’re still in luck.
    I’d miss you all far too much
    (& let’s face it - you are my emotional crutch.)

    And then there’s… (this could go on for some time…)

    [Edited by: admin]
  5. Fairy Nuff

    Fairy Nuff New Member

    And finally...

    I love you all – that’s very true!
    ‘Cept acca & Diaz - that smelly crew.
    Oh, and Mr Silly is a prize twit,
    Ponty 5k is a complete git.
  6. Fairy Nuff

    Fairy Nuff New Member

    There you go, admin - delete the one ye canna handle.

  7. plastic bertrand

    plastic bertrand Active Member

    There was once a young fellow called Nuff,
    He sounds lika a collar and cuff,
    I aint got the time,
    To make any more rhyme,
    And basically I couldn't give a stuff.

    I thank you.

  8. plastic bertrand

    plastic bertrand Active Member

  9. G Brown.

    G Brown. New Member

    Nuff is cool.
  10. ponty01.

    ponty01. New Member

    ponty01. is hot tot
  11. So, none of the above verses are considered contentious.

    So it obviously chust comes down to my personality.

    C'mon, admin, all yous have to do is get one too and we'll be evens.
  12. tomplum

    tomplum Active Member

    oh devs, oh mate, i know not what to say
    they've took offence, and took you away.
    the teecher we all love to hates
    i'm finkin they are materbat......
    your usernames are new and plentyfull
    your posts are full of bull
    i know not the wrong you done
    you still the number one.

  13. Devil's Ad.

    Devil's Ad. New Member

    I have a horrible spooky feeling it's that I've chust ***ked up the logon procedure...

    Either that, or admin are ****-hot at deleting every new attempt at me getting back on - I only get one shot with each new name.

    I wish they'd have the decency to let me know.

    Decency! Admin!! Hahahahahahahahahahaha
  14. ponty01.

    ponty01. New Member

    but your not the original d a
  15. Devil's Ad.

    Devil's Ad. New Member

    ...says the none-original ponty...
  16. Mr GrimNasty

    Mr GrimNasty Active Member

    So it's all just paranoia.

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