What's the Frequency, Rafa?

Discussion in 'Sport Talk' started by صعقلصسزقك, Feb 4, 2009.

  1. I cannot believe he's let keano come home. I'm made up me.

    Big mistake for LFC tho' keano's class in a glass. Never given a chance to shine.
  2. G Brown.

    G Brown. New Member

    Radio Gaga ;( at the moment, but he is worth standing up for.
    He never wanted Keane from the start and to be honest nor did i, i could never see him as LFC player, but the way he was treated was appalling, from the 1st time he was subbed on 60 odd mins to the parting shot of he wasnt good enough for LFC. I wish him all the best and im sure he will come back and haunt Rafa( if he is still there).
  3. jcts

    jcts Active Member

    to be honest i never wanted him either. when fergie said he was the most surprising summer signing everyone called him disrespectful. i thought he was spot on. 20M!!! he has never scored over 16 league goals for any club he has played for and only scored over 10 a handful of times. very over rated. also i think benitez has to come good this season or ship out. he has been living of the champions league win ever since we won it. 5th season now and it doesn't look like we'll win the league this season. not good enough. i wouldn't mind a certain jose to take over though

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