What's this shower connection?

Discussion in 'Plumbers' Talk' started by cokelid, Oct 5, 2019.

  1. cokelid

    cokelid New Member

    Moved into a new house and I'm trying to change the hose on a shower. However the existing hose is threaded and screws directly into the bottom of the mixer tap unit, it doesn't tighten with a nut like all the "normal" hoses I've seen (the other end is a regular shower-head connector).
    Any idea what these connections are called (so I can google it) or where I can buy a replacement?
    For reference, the inner bore diameter is 8mm and the outer diameter of the threaded section is 15mm.
  2. spirits are real 2016

    spirits are real 2016 Screwfix Select

    can you take a photo of the other side the part that it connects to..
  3. cokelid

    cokelid New Member

    Thanks for the reply - should have included that originally! So two photos, one showing the taps with the hose in place and one showing the detail with the hose removed showing the internal thread that the hose screws into. Note that there is an external thread too, but that's just for a plastic silver cover sleeve that screws over, it doesn't hold anything in place, it's just for show as far as I can tell... (I did try attaching a "normal" hose nut to that external thread but no dice!)

    20191005_084907.jpg 20191005_131347.jpg
  4. cokelid

    cokelid New Member

    Ah brilliant work, thanks a million!! Looks like "through the bath" or "through bath" is the thing to look for!

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