Where is mains stopcock?!

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Help with a leaky stopcock in kitchen!?!

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  1. Natasha Dance

    Natasha Dance New Member

    Hey! Pleaseeee can anyone help me with this....I have recently bought a run down, old flat which needs a lot of work doing. I want to change the bathroom, kitchen etc BUT i have some issues that I need help with.
    I’ve got a stopcock in the kitchen (which is currently leaking) FANTASTIC! The stopcock in kitchen only isolates the cold feed to kitchen sink. I have a combi boiler- the cold inlet valve isolates the hot water to the whole flat, cold water still comes through the bathroom sink and bath?? I have valves under the bath that I have turned so the water is now shut off.
    I can’t get loft access (atm anyway) but I guess there’s a cylinder up there? I basically need my stopcock in kitchen changing.... so how would I be able to do this? The pipe next to the kitchen stopcock is a 28mm pipe (mains feed) which goes up (loft) I’ll attach photo:
    Any advice greatly appreciated x :)

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  2. AnotherTopJob

    AnotherTopJob Screwfix Select

    If you've got a combi boiler, there shouldn't be a cylinder, and shutting off the main cold feed should isolate both the hot and cold supply.

    If it's a flat, the stopcock could be in a communal area? Are there flats above or below? The 28mm pipe could also be supplying them.
  3. Mike83

    Mike83 Screwfix Select

    The main must carry on up to the loft.
    The cold conversion and feed to the combi must come from up there.
    The pipes may come down in the old cylinder cupboard. They may or may not have valves.
  4. Natasha Dance

    Natasha Dance New Member

    thank you so much. Ive checked all the areas outside the property , I’ve found a place where they could possibly be. I’ll have to get a plumber to come take a look. There’s no flats above me. The flat has pipes coming out of every room pretty much! Piping hell! :)
  5. Natasha Dance

    Natasha Dance New Member

    Thank you. I’ll get onto the maintenance to gain loft access. Such a stress all of this. Thanks so much. Will get a plumber onto this tomorrow
  6. Mike83

    Mike83 Screwfix Select

    That water main continues up to the loft so it probably served cold water storage tanks.
    These tanks probably fed the cylinder and all cold outlets except the kitchen sink.
    There’s now probably a valve up there that will turn off the supply to the combi (hot outlets) and all the other cold outlets.
    Quite common to see it like this but usually a valve is fitted to the pipe as it drops back down in to the property.
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  7. Natasha Dance

    Natasha Dance New Member

    Appreciate the advice thanks so much :)

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