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Discussion in 'Job Talk' started by Mozlotov, Mar 8, 2018.

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    I've recently moved back to the UK from Norway, where I changed jobs and started working for my father in laws construction company, mainly doing carpentry work. I only did it for 3,5 years but it's something I really enjoyed and is something I'd like to continue doing back here in the UK.

    Obviously I know that in my 3,5 years previous work I wouldn't have learned everything and also the guy I got stuck with in Norway was Lithuanian with pretty poor English/Norwegian language skills so a lot of what I did was under direction from somebody who in my opinion wasn't a very good teacher. So as I'm actively now seeking work I have no idea where to start and what to say to people as I also don't have any relevant qualifications in the job I want to do, just the previous job experience. I sent out around 25 CV's with a covering letter to construction and carpentry companies locally a couple of weeks ago and heard nothing back.

    I'm desperate to get back into what I was doing and eventually want to get assessed to NVQ level, I just have no idea of how to start, I'm a hardworking guy not afraid of physical or long work (I used to run kitchens as a head chef so have no issue working long hours), I'm keen to learn and I am genuinely reliable which I've explained in my cover letter as well but I am also 34 years old and I fear this is what will be putting a lot of people off.

    I really want to get into it here and the mere thought of having to go back to working the kitchens after doing this sort of work for the last couple of years really does keep me awake at night.

    Anyone have any advice?
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    Can't help you but curious how you're getting on and at least your posting will be refreshed

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