Where's Looche?

Discussion in 'Electricians' Talk' started by sinewave, Dec 22, 2012.

  1. Lectrician

    Lectrician Screwfix Select

    It would seem the account has been disabled, which only SF could do.  She had several aliases, it would appear that these are links to her profile, which have now been renamed to "Removed 7 " & 0"Removed 8" etc.  She either asked to be removed, or SF did it, but I would say it was her choice, or her families?


  2. joinerjohn1

    joinerjohn1 Screwfix Select

    Just had a search on donuts site Tomp and can't find anything by an author The Prince of Darkness, the prince of darkness, Prince Of Darkness, prince of darkness.
    It's like she's just disappeared off the face of the earth. Strange, as I do remember Looch posting on diydonuts under this username.
  3. Captain Leaky

    Captain Leaky New Member

    Maybe the real Lucy has deceased? If so it would axplain the accounts being closed down. :(
  4. tom.plum

    tom.plum Screwfix Select

    lets hope not cap't, maybe she just closed everything, besides how would others know the passwords? and if looch gave them to others, shirly she would have instucted them to let us know, afterall we are family,
  5. joinerjohn1

    joinerjohn1 Screwfix Select

    Hmmm, there's more to this than meets the eye Tompus. As you say, had Lucy gave others the passwords for her accounts, they'd have passed any message on about her. Only thing I can think of is that she has closed her accounts down, but I can't for the life of me find out how to close my SF account down. I know on other sites, I can close down my accounts with them, but I'vew looked all over  the SF forum and there just isn't a close down my account button. I suppose she could have emailed Admin and asked them to delete it, but why ??
  6. I thought her posts had been deleted, but Lec' has linked to their new 'usernames' above ^^^^^ 'Removed 7 and 8'.

    JJ, I fear the worst :'(
  7. J.P.

    J.P. New Member

    Lucia - * - all confidential

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  8. What's that addy you've just posted above, JP?
  9. J.P.

    J.P. New Member

    Its just my e-mail address DA
  10. mr reflex

    mr reflex Member

    Your user name includes the word "joiner". In Scotland a joiner works with wood? In England a "chippie" or " carpenter" hence the rainforest joke, but it must be just me.
  11. tom.plum

    tom.plum Screwfix Select

    tom's theory, lucy was top of league table though not been around for months, screwfix site is malfunctioning as we all know, maybe in their efforts to get the bugs out of the sytem they've accidently deleted her, or maybe they flipped a page and her account has 'fell off' the page, thats a possiblity, right, I've no explaination for the other sites though,
    I still have hope, there's always hope till there's no hope,:)
  12. H-h-h-hope is all we have, Mr Plum.

    I fear the worst. :(

    (JP - I emailed you... :))
  13. Looch sends her fondest regards to her 'chums' on SF - you all know who you are :).

    She's  sorry she had to leave without saying a proper farewell, but this was  very much beyond her control (and, no, it has nothing to do with SF).

    You never know, she may be back one day. I do hope so
  14. seneca

    seneca Screwfix Select

    I hope so too DA.
  15. tom.plum

    tom.plum Screwfix Select

    dev's what do you know?, has she answered your emails, I'm glad she still with us, ???


    BTW happy valaltines day ,
  16. I didn't know you felt that way, Mr Plum

    (Anyways, I don't wish to presume anything on Looch's behalf, but I suspect, quite strongly, you were one of those on her mind when she mentioned her 'chums' )

    Yes, I'm pleased to say she was finally able to answer the email I sent with the addy provided by UP & Lokks (undoubtedly another two of her chums) above. She would likely have signed back on here too to say whatever, but it looks as tho' SF has closed her account after - presumably - it wasn't used for a while? She finds that a bit of a mystery.

    I wonder if they could restore it?
  17. unphased

    unphased Screwfix Select

    Can we start a We Want Looch back poll?
  18. seneca

    seneca Screwfix Select

    Count me in UP!
  19. J.P.

    J.P. New Member

    I think Lucia has gone back to Italy to gen up on Italian Wiring Regs and BC stuff..:)

    When she is relaxing with a glass/jug of vino rosso in her chateau and looking out upon the fishing vessels bringing the catch to port - Lucia can often be heard singing ''We'll Meets Again, Don't Know Where, Don't know When'' - some people say ''Is that Dame Vera Lynn''?

    Maybe yes, maybe no..who knows?
  20. Just the gentle folk on here with no chips on their shoulders.

    (This was in reply to Mr Silly's "Who gives a hoot?" comment - which he has now gutlessly deleted.)

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