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  1. Mark HH

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    any advice on what's the best quality whetstone sharpening system to purchase for sharpening chisels nothing to dear
  2. qwas123

    qwas123 Screwfix Select

    Buy a simple, cheap whetstone and use it with WD40 for lubrication.
    Find a joiner & ask for a 5mins instruction on how to hone the edge of your chisels.
    Doing it using hand pressure is the best & quickest method.
    With practice & experience honing becomes second nature.
    Every now & then use a grinding wheel to re-set the angle.
  3. ReflexAngle2023

    ReflexAngle2023 Active Member

    I bought a set of three WorkPro chisels last year and I was interested in such matters myself.

    I ended up buying a set of AB Tools three 'professional' diamond sharpening stones (they're actually metal plates): Extra Fine, Fine and Coarse. There are plenty of other reasonably priced sets like this and some unreasonably priced ones too. I use WD40 with them for lubrication too.

    A very cheap solution is that you can even make your own sharpening set out of good quality wet & dry abrasive sheets Gorilla glued to a properly flat surface. They won't last that long but in the absence of the proper tools they'll do the job as a stop gap.

    The other thing which I have found works very well for chisels and better than for the second rate finishing wood plane blade I bought it for is the Faithfull Honing Guide for chisels. It is a pair of rollers which clamps the blade between them and, depending on the clamp position, holds it against the sharpening surface at the ideal angles for getting a truly sharp edge.

    BTW that honing guide and honing plates/stones are sold by Screwfix.

    I've been using one of those chisels only just this week to pare off ancient paint and cut out a deeper recesses for four door hinges ie. eight recesses. The chisel was kept to almost razor sharpness throughout using the sharpening tools mentioned.
  4. DIYDave.

    DIYDave. Screwfix Select

    Take a look at the Scheppach Tiger range of wet sharpeners - several models in the Tiger range

    Direct copy of the Tormek sharpeners but around half the price

    Worth a consideration
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  5. arrow

    arrow Screwfix Select

    Wrong advice again.
    Copied from the wd40 website.

    Your stone will require lubrication to function well. In the sharpening phase, we do not recommend any current WD-40® Brand Products although some may be used later for storage & protection. For sharpening stones the lubrication can come from water or oil. Each stone or sharpening system will have its own needs, so be sure to check with the manufacturer for what works best. A simple and inexpensive mineral oil can serve for general stones requiring an oiled surface.
  6. stevie22

    stevie22 Screwfix Select

    Defo get a simple guide roller: they make the job so much easier. Also get a stone in a box for protection.
  7. qwas123

    qwas123 Screwfix Select

    Poster #5,
    You are so wrong, get some experience before mouthing off.
    Every joiner I've worked with used WD40 - why? Because it has a handy spray, & most joiners & plumbers carry a small spray can.
    I've worked in a wood machine shop where every edge was honed using handy cans of WD40 ie chisels, hand planes & planer blades.
    So get out & find out what happens in the real building trade.
    Not every skilled worker on a site has time to read the WD40 website - we do what works & then get on with the job.
  8. arrow

    arrow Screwfix Select

    I would advise you to contact wd40 and tell them that as the manufacturer they do not know what they are talking about, and that you know more than them.
  9. qwas123

    qwas123 Screwfix Select

    What a wrong wrong pedant you are, preferring something
    working people will never see to how its done in the real world
    thats if your not posting something you've made up.

    I've just read the following on the WD40 box my WD was in when bought at Home Depot: "WD40 is a lubricant".
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  10. arrow

    arrow Screwfix Select

    WD40 stands for water dispersant and it took 40 times to get it right.
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  11. Alan22

    Alan22 Screwfix Select

    No one uses whetstones these days, you can get a double sided diamond stone for less than a tenner, a pocket Arkinsaws honing stone if you want lazer sharp after.
  12. qwas123

    qwas123 Screwfix Select

    Poster #11,
    I do and all those contemporaries I referenced do.
    What a foolish thing to say: "No one uses wet stones these days" - how do you know? Have you asked everyone?
    And you, who have never spent a day working anywhere in the trades, now make such a ridiculous claim.
  13. qwas123

    qwas123 Screwfix Select

    Poster #10,
    WD 40 is a lubricant - it says it on their packaging.

    But ...Gee Whizz - stop the clock - tell the world - that after forty times trying to get whatever your pedantic mind is struggling to get right - you still get it wrong - WD40 claim many things for their products including lubrication.

    Or, perhaps you mean you needed at least 40 attempts to tie your laces or write your last post?

    I gave the OD a full explanation you gave him a pedantic nothing.

    HEYHOLETSGO Active Member

    Tormek is the best whetstone sharper, yes they're expensive but all spare parts are readily available.
    The smaller honing wheel has a leather surface and in the instructions says to soak it with a light oil before using the honing paste. I used 3 in 1 oil and had no issues.
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  15. Alan22

    Alan22 Screwfix Select

    Time for you to get up to date, my first, decades ago was a King combination water stone, better than any oil whetstone, sharp enough for you by the sounds of it but the OP might want to ramp it up and finish with a translucent Arkansas, I'll let you get back to your axe sharpening advice with a lump of sandsone and WD40:)
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  16. arrow

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    Have you been banned from diynot again for trolling and come over here to troll. Go back to bed and take your meds, ask the nurse to tuck you in.
  17. GS63

    GS63 Active Member

    & don't bother with a secondary bevel
  18. qwas123

    qwas123 Screwfix Select

    Poster # 15,
    I am up to date - I work. And In answer to his question, what I advised the OP works.
    Thats the idea here - to advise not to promote weird self enhancement.
    You've never worked a day in the building trades but have alcohol fantasies that you do. Very weird.
    Stop drinking that rot gut its giving you fantasies that are not true.
  19. qwas123

    qwas123 Screwfix Select

    Poster #16,

    It says on the WD40 box that the spray canister came in: "WD40 is a lubricant".

    I'm sure that the OP will find your bizarre attempts to advise - or to even write a coherent sentence illuminating?
    Why not have another 40 attempts to say what you mean to say - & perhaps advise the OP with a little sense?
  20. qwas123

    qwas123 Screwfix Select

    Poster #17,
    Can you explain what your post means?

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