Whetstone chisel Sharpening system

Discussion in 'Carpenters' Talk' started by Mark HH, Jun 9, 2024.

  1. Alan22

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    Done proper...

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    Thought why is he keeping on going he is going to split the timber, then he did. Still not good practice in my opinion, the way he did it, should have come from each side.
  3. Alan22

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    Oh go on....

  4. DIYDave.

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    To be fair though to the great man himself, Mr Sellers, it is just a short tutorial on how to quickly sharpen a chisel, followed by a quick demo of the results on what is clearly a piece of scrap timber

    He wouldn't work this method if the timber was going to be used for a finished piece, surely that's obvious and just nit-picking, Paul Sellers knows his stuff, that's a fact

    Now, what we're all waiting for is a chisel sharpening tutorial from qwas, along with tips on forum etiquette, polite and sensible forum conversations and useful input and a reduction in personal slurs and assumptions
    Maybe this will follow once he's finished school for the day ?

    Talk about childish bickering - that should have been left in the playground some years ago (depending on your age)

    As for the great debate as to what exactly is WD-40 and what is it's uses, this is a fairly common topic on the forum and always causes much debate, which is fine and all good, with the majority of posters throwing in logical and sensible content, real life experiances and their own view on the product, all whilst remaining adult like, constructive and polite - just the way an online forum for relitively sane adults should be !
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    That is the first time I have seen one of his videos. You can call it nit picking, I call it if you are going to post a video post the correct way to do the job, unless doing it wrongly, to highlight how not to do a job.
  6. HarryL1234

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    Wonderful video on Japanese loo roll factory. :p
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  7. jimbobby

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    It was a sharpening tutorial. If any of you have a
    10th of his experience and skill, be good to hear from you.:rolleyes:
  8. Alan22

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    When you make a chamfer at an angle like that it should be instinct to slide sideways at the end to prevent chipping out.
  9. stevie22

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    May get Wellwisher yet: he's branching into plumbing.
  10. RegB

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    I would guess that what he's cutting has been treated with something,
  11. Alan22

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    Nah just a bit of wood, same with a plane...

  12. Alan22

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    In Japan they have competitions to get the thinnest complete plane shaving, measured in microns.

    These are the sharpest toolblades on the planet, the posh ones are made by the same families that made swords for samurai and royal family, as the empire modernised they switched to tool blades.

  13. RegB

    RegB Active Member

    I bet you any money it's not "just a bit of wood". It might perhaps be "just an extremely special bit of wood" if it's not treated with something.
  14. Alan22

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    It's most likely Sugi, Japanese cedar, it's just a culture that developed without nails, and an obcessive respect for craftsmanship.

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