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  1. baracus

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    I want to install a HIKVison CCTV system myself, all the wiring is in place ie the builders ran wires to 5 outside points and the all run to a central location. Im happy that I need an NVR but not sure what I need to know to be able to decide which cameras I need.

    Im I right in assuming that this is perfectly within the reach of a DIY project.
  2. unphased

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    Yes the latest CCTV kits are virtually plug and play. Even the NVRs are easy to use. Most popular seems to be the IP type which use Cat5 cable to connect up rather than the video and power leads.
  3. baracus

    baracus Member

    Any suggestions for which kit to go for? More so which cameras?
  4. Peterdevon

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  5. baracus

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    £60 - £80 per ?
  6. baracus

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    £60 - £80 per camera..
  7. peter palmer

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    Hiwatch/hilook from hikvision, cctvkits.co.uk

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