Which double bevel slider? Opinions valued

Discussion in 'Carpenters' Talk' started by TheFunkyMonkey, Apr 19, 2010.

  1. TheFunkyMonkey

    TheFunkyMonkey New Member

    So it's time for a new saw.

    Currently I have an 8" Elu chop saw and a 10" Stayer Multi function table saw.
    These have both served me very well, but I struggle with capacity for cross cutting.
    The Elu being very accurate but small and the Stayer being a great all rounder and ridiculously useful.

    I've decided to get in their place a decent double bevel slider and a plunge saw.
    For the plunge saw, I've already decided on a DeWalt 18v. I've got loads of DW 18v kit already, so it makes sense to me, I can get a full kit for £300 inc 2 rails, clamps, bag, 2 batts, 30 min charger and box. Retailer via ebay.

    For the mitre saw, I really Like the DeWalt DW717 XPS, I wanted to stay under £400 ideally but found it in a few places for around £460-470 delivered. I think It's worth the extra over budget.

    Makita and Bosch seem to be way over budget and the Metabo's for the same money seem kind of basic and cheap.

    Anyone got any opinions either way or other suggestions?

  2. paulo333

    paulo333 Member


    Your choice is a good one - I have a Bosch but smaller size.

    I recommend using Google/Shopping (also known as Froogle) to search for any item you want to buy. Just type in the item description and it brings up every internet seller of the item, along with their price.

    Re-sort the results by Price, low to high, and you can see who's got the best price out there. I found your DeWalt for £425.00.

    I have saved hundreds of pounds using this search method.
  3. paulo333

    paulo333 Member

    Oh...there is always the issue of warranty - Bosch is 3 years when you register the tool online. Dewalt is only 1 year.
  4. mailee

    mailee New Member

    I have the DW 718 and can't fault it. It is a little on the heavy side for site work but is very accurate and can handle some big stuff. HTH.
  5. big all

    big all Screwfix Select

    dw 712 a realy good saw you can get them for less than £400[£328 ish]
    heeelllooo mailee ;)

    big all
  6. Mr Alias

    Mr Alias New Member


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  7. two by one

    two by one New Member

    A dewalt guy told me the 18v track saw was designed less for heavy duty stuff like worktops and more for quick cuts like trimming doors. Seems logical.
  8. mailee

    mailee New Member

    Helooo big all.
  9. big all

    big all Screwfix Select

    "A dewalt guy told me the 18v track saw was designed
    less for heavy duty stuff like worktops and more for
    quick cuts like trimming doors. Seems logical."

    i have the 18v plunge its fantastic one off the best buys i have ever made buuuuut;)
    most off its work is sheet material and for example the top off a welsh dresser thats tounge and groove cutting a very accurate strait bottom to the t&g
    so it easily cuts 6 to 25mm ply/mdf
    i have cut several wood and chipboard worktops it does chug along a bit but does the job
    i only do about 5%-7% cuts on worktops any more i would get a bigger capacity as the battery usage it high

    if you do get the 18v make shure you use extraction or alternativly every few days remove the outside face plate on the saw and remove the compacted dust as this stops the correct action off the saw when plunging and may cause drag on the blade

    big all
  10. TheFunkyMonkey

    TheFunkyMonkey New Member

    Thanks for the opinions so far.

    Big all, the 712 is a bit small for what I want really, glus I think it's only single bevel too.

    I agree with you about the plunge saw though. Should be very capable of cutting worktops. I regularly use my dc390 for worktops and sheet timber. It needs a new blade though now, so struggles with 18mm ply.
    There aren't many options I can see in my price range really. The only other option is the bosch gmc 10 sd. One went on ebay this morning, 2yrs old for £323. Think that was a bit dear for a 2yr old though.
  11. parana

    parana New Member

    Hi I have a GCM 10SD brilliant saw my only regret is not going for the 12inch. Bit on the heavy side though. Mine is coming up to 4years old, the saw is still readily available with an rrp of around 600, which is testament to how good it is IMHO..you get what you pay for..

  12. parana

    parana New Member

    check this out well worth watching you just might bag a bargain...



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  13. TheFunkyMonkey

    TheFunkyMonkey New Member

    Cheers, saw that one but grimsby is a trek for me, based nr manchester.
    Plus at 500 notes, it's very dear. I can't tell but I assume thats the 3700 stand with it.
    I'd also ideally want a 240v too as I'll never work on a site with it

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