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Discussion in 'Tool Talk' started by mackie, Dec 6, 2012.

  1. mackie

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    Hi All,

    Several threads on this but as technology moves on I thought I would ask again.

    I am just a mere DIY'er and I have 2 Dewalt 18v Ni-cd Hammer Drills, however all 4 batteries (2 per drill) are coming to the end of their lives.  So with it being xmas coming I thought I would look at getting a new cordless drill.  I think (as a DIY'er) a Li-ion would be better as I believe they hold there charge without any issue, but what do I know.  I would like 2 batteries as well.  Price circa £200 to £250.

    So my question...What make would you suggest.  I am a great fan of Dewalt but others prefer Makita.  I guess it is personal choice but if you can give me any guidance (or links) it would be great.

    I do have a corded Bosch SDS drill if I need it but the cordless is just the job if I want to drill a hole quickly.

    Thanks in advance

  2. Sparks

    Sparks Guest

    Take a look at B&Q. You can get a 20volt drill with two 1.3ah Lion batteries for about £85. These JCB drills are great for the money, and as a diyer you get 5 years warranty!  Try finding such a warranty on a Makita!
  3. chubby_ninja

    chubby_ninja New Member

    I doubt you'd need a 5 year guarantee on Makita because they just work and work and work. I have a Bosch Blue SDS corded for heavy work, Dewalt cordless for ligther work, and a Makita cordless for everyhthing in between, out of those I use the Makita the most, the torque on them is amazing and I find battery life to be better than the dewalt. Hitachi are also good but a bit pricey and not that much better than Makita, if at all. I've had a few JCB's corded and cordless but they are no match for the Makita workhorses.
  4. petertheplumber

    petertheplumber New Member

    I agree Makita are very good but mackie wants a diy drill and the Makita is good enough for professional.
  5. big all

    big all Screwfix Select

    get another dewalt tool with compatable batteries
    you can bet nicads 1.3/ 1.5/ 2.0 /2.4 ah
    nmh 2.6ah
    and li-ions at 2ah
    nmh like li-ions can be charged at any time
    i got 2 nmh for less than a ton by shopping around buy a parcel was one supplier
  6. Sparks

    Sparks Guest

    I have several Makita's, they get a lot of use but I wish they had a 5 year warranty. 3 out of 4 of my Makitas have faulty switches (difficult to select reverse) and the 18v Lion versions suffer from battery faults. Do a search on Ebay and you'll find **** loads of 'faulty' Makita batteries for sale.....
  7. Dustydazzler

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    Dewalt DCD991 3-Speed Brushless Drill is one of the best drill I personally used. What’s special about the DCD991 is its 3 speed settings, with the middle range allowing for intermediate speeds that fall between max power and max speed ranges. Drill review
  8. Hans_25

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    Just DIY here, but bought the top of the line Makita DHP481 with 2 5Ah batteries, don't regret that decision for a moment:
    - the combi drill is my most used tool,I don't want to be digging around for a mains powered drill unless the job really warrants it. The only thing this drill won't do are jobs that require an SDS+ drill
    - comes with 2 large batteries which is a bonus, bigger batteries are just better. I have a 3AH battery and it lasts less than half the duration on heavy loads.
    - other tools are at the cheaper end, so brushed, I use them infrequently. Example here is the impact driver for driving large screws. I have most of the other Makita tools and have been very pleased with them

    Irrespective of which brand you go do, if you're into biggish DIY jobs then I'd suggest you get a good drill driver with good batteries. Additional tools can be bought "body only" at the cheaper end of the spectrum and you already have the batteries and charger to go with them.
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  9. Hans_25

    Hans_25 Screwfix Select

    There are lots of cheap "Makita" batteries on Ebay too, except they're "for Makita" tools, they're not Makita brand.
  10. KIAB

    KIAB Super Member

    Black Friday is 29th November, so look out for some good deals.

    Seldom use my mains drill or sds drill now, Bosch combi can cope with most jobs,& the impact driver which has combined 1/2" square and 1/4" hexagon, spends time in car for wheel changing duties.
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  11. Mike58

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    A bit late for spamming ... 7 years or so. The OP has probably bought his new drill and maybe another since - without your spam.
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  12. Hans_25

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    DoH, old thread :mad:
  13. KIAB

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  14. Mike58

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    You fell for it ..hook, line and chuck! And as for the spam reply, why would someone need a £450 drill.
  15. Heat

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    Good idea about keeping an impact driver - or better an impact wrench in car for in the event of a puncture.
    Especially for someone that hasn’t the physical strength to do it.
    I have been thinking of carrying an old impact wrench in vehicles and just occasionally swap the battery to keep it fresh
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  16. KIAB

    KIAB Super Member

    I also keep a Bosch LED site light in car,gives good light, got several of them for a tenner each from some tool shop,& a 18v charger,but I still swap batteries every few months.
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  17. dinkydo

    dinkydo Screwfix Select

    Think it’s just worth mentioning as far as wheel changing goes if you have Alloys beware they tend to seize on the car my car is 2 year old done 17000 miles and I have recently found it impossible to remove the wheels off the hub without wacking the wheel underneath and from the inside with a lump hammer or a long solid bar, neither of which you tend to carry with you, I have now removed all wheels wire brushed the hub and wheel and put a smear of copper slip on the hub.
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  18. KIAB

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    Another user of copper slip,used it for years on wheel nuts,battery terminals & on the spark plug threads back when I had a motor bike.
  19. Wayners

    Wayners Screwfix Select

    Ryobi all the way. Stand up well in tests and free tool offer started today...full range of kit with one battery type that fits all.
  20. KIAB

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