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Discussion in 'Tool Talk' started by mackie, Dec 6, 2012.

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    Not that cheap considering it is a Ryobi at the end of the day KIAB.
    Another £24 gets you this : https://www.ffx.co.uk/tools/product...8V-Lxt-Li-Ion-Brushless-Combi-Drill-Bare-Unit
    I know which one i would go for.......................hang on, i did in January lol.
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    @KIAB ryobi have upped there game. Owned by same company as Milwaukee. Amazing amount of tools and the battery fits them all. In head to head tests with brands like deWalt it holds up well. Better than diy stuff but not quite as good as pro trade tools. Wish I bought into it so I could use for gardening tools and work tools like planer or drills, all off same battery. Good enough for me and some trades. Especially the brushless stuff
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    Buy starter kit. Do maths as its a no brainer as they say and jump on this deal .started today..go watch YouTube for testing of the kit..it's pretty good for money. Now until 31st of December IMG_20191111_203852_compress39.jpg
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    A good offer.:)
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    Try out vertical and horizontal drilling positions to see how comfortable you feel. Contoured grips and rubber cushioning on some models make them very comfortable, even when you're applying direct palm pressure. While you're at it, see how easy it is to change clutch settings and operate the keyless chuck. Home centers often discount hand tools, so be on the lookout for promotions. Read more
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    Over the years I have had a bit of ryobi kit. Cordless drill - decent, but not as nice as my blue bosch. Same with a cordless jigsaw. 1300W router - good workhorse - used it until the bearings knacked several years later. Replaced it with a festool, but only because I now have deeper pockets. Chop saw - tough and OK - now a bit dodgy with a broken guard - I use it now for the rough jobs - like chopping up lead sash weights........:eek::eek: Agree - def better than cheapo stuff, but not quite up there with pro kit. The worst Ryobi I had was a petrol hedge cutter. After 1 season was just a cow, despite much tweaking. Piece of poo and lesson learned - stihl all the way now.

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