Which earthing cable for my static home? a 240 supply, 32a hook up?

Discussion in 'Screwfix Live' started by Mike Mcelwee, May 19, 2020.

  1. Mike Mcelwee

    Mike Mcelwee New Member

    I'd be grateful for your help!
  2. rogerk101

    rogerk101 Screwfix Select

    We need a lot more information than that in order to provide any sensible advice.
    For starters, where is the power supply coming from?
    What is the earthing arrangement from/with that supply?
  3. Mike Mcelwee

    Mike Mcelwee New Member

    Okay thank you Rogerk101.

    So the source is a 240v fuse board. I have an extension reel plugged in to that.

    On the static home I have a 32a male. Then I have a transformer to connect from the van to the extension lead.

    Inside the van I have a boiler, heating and shower, the cooker is gas.

    I hope this gives better info for you.


  4. rogerk101

    rogerk101 Screwfix Select

    Sorry ... again you'll have to be more specific to get any replies of any value.
    What are you calling "a 240v fuse board"? Please show a photo.
    What is a "32a male"? Please show a photo.
    What is the transformer transforming?
    I doubt any of us know what a "static home" is or what role "the van" plays in all this.
    My home was built in 1960s and has been pretty static since it was built. :)

    You really need to help us help you?
  5. Mike Mcelwee

    Mike Mcelwee New Member

    Okay her are some photos. A static home as in a mobile home but static.



    Our extension lead plugged into the power point which comes out of the fuse board

    The power point

    The static home

    The 32a male hook up

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  6. Mike Mcelwee

    Mike Mcelwee New Member

    And the fuse board that the power point (where the extension lead is plugged into)

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  7. Teki

    Teki Active Member

    You shouldn't be using extension reels for a semi-permanent supply.

    The earth insulation is damaged in the blue Commando plug and needs to be remade.

    What is the yellow 100V transformer being used for?

    That seems like overkill for just two breakers? Is that a new install, will that distribution board be added to in the future?
  8. Mike Mcelwee

    Mike Mcelwee New Member

    This is a power source coming from a fuse board. It has been put in place for the mobile home and electric fence for animals.

    Nothing further to be added.

    Thanks so much for taking the time and effort to respond.

    If you a are happy to help you can call if you want and I'm happy to pay for your advice, I just want to get it complete and right..



  9. Teki

    Teki Active Member

    I presume the 100V transformer is for the fence?

    There are particular requirements for an electric supply to caravans and motor homes:

    This link will help to explain:


    Most people on this forum voluntarily offer help :)

    If you suspect your installation doesn't comply with the regulations, it might be best to employ a competent electrician:


    It will be quite difficult for someone to assist remotely without actually being on-site with the necessary test equipment.

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