Which Honing Paste do YOU Use?

Discussion in 'Carpenters' Talk' started by wau5, Dec 6, 2017.

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    My setup currently is a 400 & 1000 Grit diamond stones , after that I give a better edge using Autosol paste buttered on a good flat hardwood (that's what I already had) , the results are very OK!
    However, I want to play around and I have an OCD around achieving the best I can :D I have a lot of time on my hands and I want to achieve the best edge one can possibly get just for the heck of it.

    Which pastes in what succession would you recommend to achieve the best possible sharpness one can get after coming from a 1000 grit diamond?
    Although the autosol gives rather ok results, I'm not really sure if it's designed to be used as plane blade sharpener.

    After doing some research I wanted to try myself to get a bit of the Green Paste ( Chromium oxide) and after that To finish the last step using the red JEWELLERS Rouge (Irod Oxide).
    However I'm sure there's a better combo... Would be cool if someone could share his methods/steps.
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    Seldom use my diamond stones or oil stones now, prefer to use my Scheppach Wet Stone Grinder, gets a edge which is razor sharp,if it has a edge I can sharpen it with the right jig, scissors, knives, plane blades,chisels,etc.
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    which scheppach wet stone do you use KIAB i am looking to get one
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    The Tiger 2500 , got it rather cheap some years ago, it's a continuously rated model,& has a 250mm diameter grinding wheel compared to the 200mm on the Tiger 2000.

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    I use my Tormek (similar to the Tiger) but instead of using the leather strop I use a polishing wheel attached to a cheap grinder (similar to this)


    And a good quality polishing soap like this:


    Once a blade is ground and polished I just maintain it with a quick run over diamond stone and back on the polishing wheel.

    Blades are then razor sharp. I have even sharpened a meat cleaver to the point that you could shave with it (literally). I even managed to slice my entire finger nail clean off with very little effort to prove it. Though I wouldn't recommend repeating the exercise. :D
  7. KIAB

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    Have a look at Ultracut 54 H polishing soap comes in a 1kg block,I also have what I think is Learok Britela 2000D, might be Schmidts though, but it's still good.

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    Great link. Bookmarked. :D
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