Which LED Bulbs?

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    Just wondering if anyone could recommend the best LED bulbs for a kitchen?

    They are the GU10 50 watt type that I'm replacing and the main query is the colour of the light they produce?

    On what Ive read the general opinion of the "cool white" are quite clinical, if that's the right wording, like in hopspitals etc, and most people tend to think the "warm white" would be best suited for a kitchen.

    I have quite a low ceiling, would that make any difference?

    Just wondering what you pro's think as you've probobly fitted quite a few I would imagine.

    What do your customers go for in the main?

    Any suggestions?

  2. KIAB

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    Avoid the 'Cool White' a bit harsh for a kitchen, as is 'Warm White', I found the 'Daylight' best for the kitchen.

    LED Hut this week discount code is SPOT20 giving you a 20% discount, also go through Quidco, to save a few more pennys.

    Have used these 'Daylight' here, found the light excellent,very bright, highly recommended.


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    PHILPH Member

    Cheers KIAB,

    I forgot to ask the voltage of what I may need.

    I'm replacing 50 watt therefore what LED bulb would I need ?

    4.5 watt ot 5 watt?

  4. KIAB

    KIAB Super Member

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    PHILPH Member

    Cheers KIAB.

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