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Discussion in 'Carpenters' Talk' started by Shedmen, Nov 14, 2006.

  1. Shedmen

    Shedmen New Member

    For audi-evo and the flooring guys

    Will be laying 6 rooms worth of solid timber floors over the next 8 months at home. What are the differences if any between

    Powernailer 45R
    Portanailer 402
    Primatech H330

    It is probably going to be cheaper long term to buy rather than hire. Would welcome any thoughts.


  2. audi-evo

    audi-evo Active Member

    sorry about the delay, been busy.
    power nailer 45r (multi blow) is the best, most robust and every part is renewable and available (like most good usa tools)
    They are very tough never jamb and on the off chance you do manage to break it you can buy just the part you have broken and repair it yourself as it is a nice simple design.
  3. Shedmen

    Shedmen New Member

    Thanks for the definitive answer

  4. audi-evo

    audi-evo Active Member

    No probs, just to give you an idea of how good they are, i have had mine for 6 years and it only looks slightly worn and i would guess i have done more than 600 floors with it.

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