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Discussion in 'Carpenters' Talk' started by sammy toaster, Dec 4, 2008.

  1. sammy toaster

    sammy toaster New Member

    had to tell the lads no money this week, twas by text right enough, hope there is no violence in the pub on friday.
  2. markemark

    markemark New Member

    should havr done face to face or at least ring them texting just not rite
  3. !!

    !! Active Member

    the lads won't be in the pub and neither should you. Times are hard for running a business but you shouldn't have let them carry on working for no money or at least offered them the choice.

    I was laid off once owed two weeks wages and I just kept a grands worth of their tools.

    But as some one keeps suggesting I rip of people from watford
  4. chippie244

    chippie244 Super Member

    I very much doubt that idiot has anybody working for him.
  5. sammy toaster

    sammy toaster New Member

    at least i,m not touting for sash repairs in milton keynes, where there are only plastic windies.
  6. damo150

    damo150 New Member

    I think your a bad excuse for a man if you dont put this right. I dont know what your reason for not paying them is, (thats if it is true), but they could be relying on this money to support their families through the quite period over xmas hols.
    I was in a similar situation where I worked for a building contractor and got paid on a monthly basis. The day before my payment was due he left a message on my answere phone to tell me that he was not able to pay me this month and not to bother comming back to work has he had money troubles. I spent 3 months chasing 4 weeks pay, and it could of no happened at a worse time as I had just started out in the trade and spent 2.5 grand on tools and obviously out of a job during a very quite period. Worse still, baby number 3 was on its way, got dangerously behind with mortgage payments, and had to sell most of the tools (brand new) for less than half the price just to put food on the table and pay heating/elecy bills. Very nearly lost our house because of it.
    Although it might be a laugh bragging on a public forum and boasting about not paying your men, like minded can potentialy ruin someones life.
    Do the decent thing and pull out all the stops to pay them, even if it means selling your own tools to make payment. I couldnt sleep at night if this was me.
  7. joinerjohn

    joinerjohn New Member

    Sounds like a change of username is called for. How about Ebenezer Scrooge, or Sammy Tightwad? Tis the season to be jolly and all that. What hey. Sounds like you'll be getting a carebear for christmas, an intensive carebear.
  8. dryliner essex

    dryliner essex New Member

    sammy *

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  9. sammy toaster

    sammy toaster New Member

    it,s o.k. i paid the lads, got a loan of the provie man, not bad at 250% but out of trouble for now. essex did you think that up all by yourself?
  10. dryliner essex

    dryliner essex New Member

    nah!my kids said it
  11. damo150

    damo150 New Member

    essex did you think that up all by yourself?

    If this is the case and your not just trying to redeem yourself from looking bad on this forum, (which I hope that is not the case), then all credit to you for doing the right thing. Weve all been in situations where things have gone t*ts up and ended up on our arses and sending a text and forgeting about it all would of been the easiest thing to do. Im sorry to hear that you have to feed a loan shark just to pay a wage, but at least you have the knowledge that you have done the right thing in a difficult situation.
  12. damo150

    damo150 New Member

    Ignore the top line, (sorry dryliner) I meant to quote the ops last response.
  13. dryliner essex

    dryliner essex New Member

    damo sammy is on a wind up AGAIN

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