Which screws to use to attach my punchbag hanger to joists and 2"x6"?

Discussion in 'Builders' Talk' started by SlumberShade, Sep 14, 2021.

  1. SlumberShade

    SlumberShade New Member

    I'm getting a length of 2"x 6" to attach across 5 joists, and was told on the middle joists to use bolts to attach the hanger through both the plank and middle joist.

    The joists are only 50 mm wide. I think I should get 6" bolts for the hanger, but what about the other 4 joists/8 holes to make? Should they be 6" bolts too? Or 6" wood screws?

    Whats the difference between these 2 choices and are they both good for my purposes?



    The hanger has not the most perfectly round of holes, I measure the hole at between 15 and 12 mm diameter , what diameter bolt should I get?

    Thanks all.
  2. Wayners

    Wayners Screwfix Select

    Different screw types in your link. The smooth shaft on first link is ment not to grip wood so it pulls in tight.

    Other Is threaded all the way.

    Both work but second one you need to make sure wood is tight together before you screw or there could be a small gap.

    How well dose the brace fit touching the joists? Are you packing any gaps or do you want it to pull tight?
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  3. SlumberShade

    SlumberShade New Member

    I'm not sure what you mean by brace, a image search suggests the joists in my garage have no braces. If the 2x6 I am going to attach to the joists becomes a brace once attached, I haven't done so yet.

    I made a typo, the asymmetrical hole in the punchbag hanger is 11.5-12 mm in diameter. Are 11mm diameter 6" long bolts good for it?

  4. Wayners

    Wayners Screwfix Select

    I call wood across joists a brace..
    Spread the load. Maybe correct term is strap but straps hold joists in place vs take load.

    Not my area although I do fit braces in loft to take loads and straighten out joist that are buckling. I'd use screw with smooth shaft myself
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  5. FlyByNight

    FlyByNight Well-Known Member

    I read it that you arre planning to bolt the hanger to teh brace and a joist ... if so, then you will not be spreading the weight as much as you could.

    Can you do a sketch on paper, photgraph it and post the iumage?
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  6. SlumberShade

    SlumberShade New Member

    I plan to just have the 2x6 span 5 of these across and bolt the hanger through the middle third joist and 2x6.
    Does bolting through both prevent the weight from spreading throughout the whole 2x6 and all 5 joists?

    The bag weighs like 70kg btw with the hanger and wood its over 80 I suppose.
  7. Truckcab79

    Truckcab79 Active Member

    What you’re proposing isn’t really spreading the weight. In all honesty the weight would probably be fine just on an eye bolt in one joist but you’re right to spread it as much as possible.

    To do so you need to create a frame between three of those joists. Deeper the better but your 2x6 will be fine. (Used vertically). Google ‘timber noggins’ to see what I mean. Then I’d cover your newly created frame with a sheet of 18mm ply screwed into your new frame and joists say every 8”.

    Overkill but you’ll never worry that it’s not strong enough and it will look much more ‘finished’.
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  8. Jord86

    Jord86 Screwfix Select

    Screw the 6x2 to the joists, thread a heavy duty strap through the eyelets of the punchbag and hook it over and around the 6x2. Done.
  9. SlumberShade

    SlumberShade New Member

    Oh man, I'd totally mess it up if i had to chop it up, would get the sizes all wrong I'm an idiot like that.

    I didn't know about straps, wish I'd bought one instead damnit!

    I already have the hook that came with bolts that I thought were not long enough though so I may as well use them now.

    Ok so this is the final plan, that from what I think you said means this should work too. Just double checking cos I know I'm an idiot with DIY.

    I will actually only need a shorter length of 2x4 (but I don't think I can find shorter lengths and cutting it apparently makes it lose it strength grading ***) attached to 4 of the joists, but turned so that I screw into 4" of the plank and then 2" of the joist 8 times with these: https://www.screwfix.com/p/goldscre...k-multipurpose-screws-6-x-150mm-50-pack/13602

    Then I can finally use the 2.6" bolts that came with the hanger to bolt part way through the plank inbetween the 2nd and 3rd joist right in the middle of all the connections.

    Oh man please say that should be ok.

  10. FlyByNight

    FlyByNight Well-Known Member

    Why are you using the 4x2 edge on?

    I would probably go for 150x30/35 flat across with 100 (maybe 120) length screws. You need 70mm in the joists. Drill clearance through teh plank and a small pilot in te joists to make it easy
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  11. SlumberShade

    SlumberShade New Member

    I am going edge on, because apparently to share the weight evenly I cannot screw the the punch hanger through both the plank and joist. if it's laid normally across the joists there's only to 2" to drill through.

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