which sliding mitre saw?

Discussion in 'Carpenters' Talk' started by spiderpig, Dec 23, 2005.

  1. spiderpig

    spiderpig New Member

    bit of a tall order this - I need a sliding mitre saw capable of compound cuts, with a depth lock (spindle lock?) suitable for cutting tenons and trenching. I think it's called. I'm not a professional (there's a surprise!) so I can't justify spending much more than around 150 quid. I know thats not much of a budget but the coffers are a bit empty right now. I was looking at the Rexon one (£150)that screwfix do, and also the Erbauer. Above all, I need the thing to cut accurately!

    Any suggestions would be very grateful.
    Thanks in advance and Merry Christmas! bbb.
  2. Bob Property

    Bob Property New Member

    I don't think accurate and £150 go together when talking sliding mitre saws. How accurate do you need it? What is it for? There was a post about saws only a few back. Do a search on this forum, it has been discussed before. And before you ask I've got a Lecky Beckum 255 because it does the trenching, but it was a bit more than £150.
  3. spiderpig

    spiderpig New Member

    many thanks, and I take your point.. I've had a look on this forum and found quite a bit on the subject so will go from there.

    Merry Christmas!
  4. two by one

    two by one New Member

    And before you ask I've got a Lecky
    Beckum 255 because it does the trenching, but it was
    a bit more than £150.

    How are you getting on with it? I looked at these as they seemed like a reasonable alternative to the DW707. That is compact, not too heavy with a good depth of cut. I guess the trenching could be handy for shelving and the like.
  5. Bob Property

    Bob Property New Member

    twobyone - I got it because it was recommended as one possible quality piece of kit out of a few I was looking at for around £250-£300 max, and the trenching facility swung it for me. I am not a joiner/carpenter by trade, I use it when needed for bits of renovation work, so it's not in use daily. I was limited on the price, but I was prepared to pay up to £300 for a decent make which would last me for a long time and do most of the jobs I was likely to throw at it. The disadvantage is the capacity. If you want to be able to cut almost anything you have to go for a larger machine and therefore spend more money. More like £500-£600. Official cut depth on mine is 255 x 60 at 90deg and 177 x 60 at 45deg. The KGS303 will do 280 x 81 at 90deg but it's over £400. Do a search through the forums and you will probably find the pro's go for either DeWalts or Makitas, if I remember correctly.
  6. Dewy

    Dewy New Member

    I have used a small 8" sliding saw for some years and recently had some 3" fence posts and 6x2s to cut at an angle. I was going to doit with a hand saw until I saw a 10" sliding mitre saw on one of the shopping channels. At £86 I bought it just for the one job.
    It was shown with a 290x75 capacity but when it arrived I read the atrocious Chinese translated manual and found its capacity to be 305x90 and it also has a depth stop for trenching.
    I tested it and found it could indeed cut 305x90.
    The fence wasn't square and could not be adjusted enough to get it square. I removed the fence and lengthened the adjustment slots with a rotary file in a drill.
    Result- perfectly 90° cuts over 12" contiboard.
    The model is identical to the Fox 290x75 sold by Rutlands for £149.95.
    The depth stop is just a bar with a slot which is locked in place by a bolt through the adjustment slot.
    I replaced this with a short piece of angle iron with a tapped hole at rightangles to take a small screw for fine adjustment.
    It came from the Yes661 channel and has a fine 80 tooth blade.
    Its well worth the £86 for occasional use. As I had bought from the channel before I have a 5% discount on all purchases so it was even cheaper.
  7. big all

    big all Screwfix Select

    dewy my man how are you happy xmass;)

    was trying to find your link without joy to this specific thread:) a real bargain ehh

    big all
  8. spiderpig

    spiderpig New Member

    once again thanks for all your good advice. Having given it a lot of thought, I'm lining up for a reworked Dewalt DW701 which hopefully is a good compromise. Happy New Year! bbb
  9. Dewy

    Dewy New Member

    Hi BA
    1st time I've looked here for a week.
    It is on the ** site but their web price is £235 but that is only to make the price cut look better on the TV shopping channel which is 655 on Sky and 661 on Telewest.
    It wouldn't be any good for daily use but great for occasional use.
    I thought I had given you the details in my PM on ATT because it is where I got that 50 piece boxed set of router cutters for £35. Not the quality needed for constant use but it has all the bits yu are likely to only need occasionally for different mouldings etc.

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  10. big all

    big all Screwfix Select

    you did dewy :):)

    but i tend to delete pms after a few days and my old addled bwain cant retain as much info as it used to:):)

    happy new year dewy and one and all

    big all

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