Which underlay to use on condensation-prone floor?

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    Hello experts,

    My bedroom carpet gets damp in the winter. It is laid on a concrete-slab floor that is exposed to the elements underneath (it's suspended above ground), so it gets very cold. As you might expect, when the heated air hits the cold floor, compensation forms on it and gets soaked up by my underlay and carpet.

    The concrete-slab is also tiled, and has been since the 50s when my block was built. I assume it has no damp proof membrane installed.

    I took all the furniture out of the room recently to get some painting done, and I thought I'd take this rare opportunity to replace the underlay and carpet.
    The advice I've had so far is to get a 1000 gauge polythene DPM sheet, then put regular 12mm underlay on top of that. But wouldn't condensation form on top of the polythene? As that will drop to the same temp as the tiles it sits on.

    Another option I've been considering is 3mm silver laminate floor underlay with built-in DPM, then put regular 9mm underlay on top of that. My logic is that it will keep more heat away from the tiles, and hopefully stop so much condensation forming on them, as well as the upper surface of that layer.

    Yesterday I came across some 12mm underlay that has a DPM built in - it's appealing as I'm a DIY'er and it's only one layer to put down, but I worry that the condensation will still form on the upper side of the DPM layer and still get soaked into the foam and carpet.

    What do you think I should do?

    Thanks in advance for your advice,

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