Whirlpool AKZ451 oven

Discussion in 'Electricians' Talk' started by bigjules, Sep 1, 2009.

  1. bigjules

    bigjules New Member

    Earlier tonight, dinner's in the Whirlpool AKZ451 oven - enormous crash of thunder and bolt of lightning, (outside that is!!), all power goes off.

    Turn back on at consumer unit, reset clock on oven - now it doesn't heat up. Timer off, light, fan and grill all operate.

    Any ideas??
  2. sysparks

    sysparks New Member

    Some ovens require timer to be set before they heat up, could this be it?
  3. bigjules

    bigjules New Member

    Sysparks - thanks for reply - have tried with and without timer function, oven just does not get warm on either.
  4. Slap Dash Harry

    Slap Dash Harry New Member

    sysparks did'nt probably hang on for the last three hours. Sounds like internal fuse (if appliacable) or blown control PCB. Do double check supply up to appliance before calling for repair guy.
  5. Slap Dash Harry

    Slap Dash Harry New Member

    NNNOOOOOOOOO, disregard last, get new oven element. sorry did not read post propertly
  6. mr sillys

    mr sillys New Member


  7. sysparks

    sysparks New Member

    Is it still under guarantee?
  8. JP.

    JP. Screwfix Select

    I don't understand how the lighting blew the element up, but left the delicate PCB electronics intact.
  9. If the fan's running its either the element or the thermal cutout. Cant reset a toc in ovens. They are usually sited near the element in the rear or under the top panel of the oven. Cost about a tenner as should a pattern element.
  10. bigjules

    bigjules New Member

    Thank for all the replies.

    No - not under guarantee, 14 months old!

    Have ordered new elemant and will report back when fitted.

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