Who id doG ????

Discussion in 'Just Talk' started by petertheplumber, Jan 10, 2013.

  1. petertheplumber

    petertheplumber New Member

    I don't know who you are or whether I might be offending you which is neither my wish or right, but why do you reply to almost every post with inane comments.?
  2. doG

    doG Guest

    Speciality dreadlocks never with toyshop heels and groom daisies.
  3. clive holland

    clive holland New Member

  4. doG

    doG Guest

    Tubs with shiny heads dribbling horse blanketed chocolate shanks.

    End is.
  5. joinerjohn1

    joinerjohn1 Screwfix Select

    Peter, please don't feed the troll. All you'll do is encourage the imbecile. If you dunna mention him, I'm almost sure a taxi will pick him up, and take him back to Rampton. ;)
  6. doG

    doG Guest

    Yesteryear's carport, tramp.
  7. petertheplumber

    petertheplumber New Member

    Thanks john, I can't believe anyone would would be willing to sit in front of a pc and spend so much time talking such absolute drivel.
  8. ThomasPlumbas

    ThomasPlumbas New Member

    I believe it is a guy called G. Brown who left the site in a very depressed mood just before christmas.

    But as Joinerjohn says, please don't feed Trolls.
  9. MrGrimNasty

    MrGrimNasty New Member

    Jovial joshing sad persons misunderstood drowning in flat of fetid filth disgustingly. Just humour or ignore!
  10. One thing for sure, his 74th post is every bit as funny as his first.

    (I can't believe it's GB...)
  11. tom.plum

    tom.plum Screwfix Select

    Its not GB, I think doG drove GB over the edge :(, grimbo seems to be coping ok with the dissapearance of Looch though,
  12. Littlehamptonchap

    Littlehamptonchap New Member

  13. MrGrimNasty

    MrGrimNasty New Member

    Ah, LittleChap appears, a doG by any other name.
  14. Littlehamptonchap

    Littlehamptonchap New Member

    Yeah, woh-eh-varr.
  15. Oooooh ma shi**y, blo**y, bug**y, bol****y gaaaawwwddddd.

    I'm akshully delighted to see Lhc back again x lots.

    What depths has this forum plumbed... :(
  16. Captain Leaky

    Captain Leaky New Member

    I just tried to answer your thread about Lucy and it seems admin numpties have locked it up!

    Lucy may be gone and Screwfix may be trying to wipe her off here but we will not forget her. :(
  17. Lokkars Daisy

    Lokkars Daisy New Member

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