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    They can leave full time state/private funded education at 16. They can then start a full time job, but they must also be receiving some form of education or training up until the age of 18, at which point they are classed as fully functioning adults and can, within the law of the land, do what they like.
  2. It's not that the result was 'wrong', JJ, it's that the ref itself was nonsensical.

    How this complex issue could be reduced to 'Leave' or 'Remain' is utterly crazy - as virtually everyone with an ounce of sense now realises.

    Believe me, JJ, I could forgive anyone for voting 'Leave' based on the scurrilous Leave campaign and the venom spewed by Dacre et al - provided they were now honest enough to say "Ah - it really isn't as was promised. I honestly thought that this would be great for Britain and ok for the EU too. But, no, I can now see it was a ruse perpetrated by a very small group of very wealthy & influential peeps for their own very narrow ideology. And they clearly don't give a toss about how this affects the bulk of the population in the process."

    See? That's fine. Many were fed a lie, and fell for it. Cool. Wise up. Be strong.

    What I will never ever forgive is those with the inherent hatred and suspicion and cynicism already inside them, those who resent and despise due to their own tiny non-fulfilling worlds, and who suddenly couldn't believe their very eyes that to be allowed to vocalise their innate cynical bigotry was seemingly ok!

    And who will never ever ever entertain that this is 'wrong' whatever the consequences for the UK, because the hatred they feel - and this moment of permitted expression for them - is FAR more important.

    Not sure what camp you sit in, JJ.

    I know for certain where Phil (where is he?), IIR, Filly and 'arry swim.
  3. 'There's panic on the streets of Brussels...'

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    That's certainly one way of admitting that had there been a third option, say, "not sure" or "I don't really know because I've never thought about it before", or "leave but stay in at the same time".
    Then it wouldn't have gone the way it did.
    There wouldn't have been any kind of majority and the whole exercise would have proven pointless, a survey that provided statistics to be fiddled with, that's all.

    How very kind of you to forgive those who secumed to the propaganda from the Leave side. I share the same forgiveness when applied to those who voted remain without any idea of why they did so apart from the fact that the propaganda worked on them.

    The remainers campaign dealt mainly with speculation that the sky would fall in.
    The Leave side dealt mainly with speculation that it wouldn't.

    To question things and build up an opinion based on facts is classed as bigotry in your opinion?
    I'm relieved that you are retired, no more young minds can be influenced by your doctrinous ways.
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    What about the NEETS? (Not in full time Education, Employment or Training) I'm sure there's no law that says someone has to be educated till they are 18 Longs. Of course someone aged 16 gaining full time employment is likely to receive training in the job they have, but not until they are 18 yrs old.
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    NEETS, applies to all age groups, you don't have to be young to fit into that category.
    I'm only stating what the law says and that does say that in England you have to be receiving some form of education or training until you are eighteen.
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    Equally, I could retaliate by saying that most (if not all) Remain voters were swayed by a pack of lies told to them by many politicians (some who are confirmed eurosceptics, but changed allegiance because they thought Remain was going to win, or the thought of a nice cushy EU job when they eventually lose a future General Election)

    Tell me DA, did you believe Osborne when he told us of his plans to hold a budget of doom if we voted to leave? Look what happened in the immediate aftermath of the result. Cameron (who promised that whatever the vote, He'd stay at the helm), resigned within a few hours. Osborne's planned budget just didn't materialise. I repeat myself DA, The EU need us far more than we need the EU (a tad unfair really as the EU actually need our money )
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    Longs, not that I don't believe you, but can you provide a link to this law? Thanking you in advance.
    PS, the term NEETS specifically applies to 16 to 18 yr olds.
  9. Almost generous in your assumptions, Longs - except as you well know the Remainers were on average significantly brighter than t'other side so can be reckoned to have had a better grasp of the issue, and as you well know the Remain campaign (whilst pitiful) was not as blatantly dishonest as Leave's.

    That is an established truism.

    While we are on 'as you well knows', I - and others - made the full case for Remain in clear, detailed and honest terms on this forum waaaay before the vote, so less of the 'speculation'. And your side - as you well know - resorted to 'Breaking Piint' posters, pics of Merkel in Nazi regalia and obsessive remarks about the swarms of 'grants.

    Forgive me, therefore, if reasoned discussion is off my agenda.

    You know exactly what I am now here for.

    And that is because you are amongst the number I will not forgive.

    Wilful ignorance disguising innate bigotry.

  10. You know that the campaigns were not equally disingenuous. Not by a long chalk.

    You know this.

    If ever I needed evidence to demonstrate just how little the electorate 'thought' about Brexit, it's there writ small - JJ says it comes down to 'money' and that's why the EU wants us to stay.

    The EU needs the UK's money.

    'Simplistic' doesn't even begin.

    BTIW... ohnevermind...
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  11. Anyhoo, read the recent YouGov poll for the Times?

    Showing an increasing regret in the Brexit decision?

    The Leavers are now significantly outnumbered.

    And that even takes into account those like the u-s on here who are adamant that the more it becomes obvious the UK will be damaged in the process, the more determined they are to Leave. Ie - they will never change their mind. Regardless. Of anything.

    The process is that embarrassing for them. Bless.

    There it is - they simply cannot stand the humiliation and would literally rather jump off the metaphorical cliff...
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    Yep, and we'll play ourselves right into the EU's hands DA. If we stay in the EU now, I'm sure they're going to hammer us hard, for daring to hold the referendum in the first place. Junckers talks a lot about "teaching the UK a lesson" You go on about how the EU has brought peace to Europe and how fair and equitable the EU is, yet we still have Junckers saying these things. Not a fair and equitable man is he?
  13. I really just want to shout "DON'T BE ******* STUPID, JJ!"

    Oh, I did.

    DON'T paint others as you LEAVERS would behave.

    If the UK said "We're staying!", we would be back in on the same terms as before. You really think the EU can dictate different terms at will?! Or as a punishment?!

    That is yet another loony fib perpetuated by the right-wing.

    Jeepers, JJ, use your critical faculties.

    (Not that that will happen anyway - almost certainly a 'Brexit' will happen, but it'll be in name only to appease the loons. Virtually everything will be as before... And, once sanity has resumed, there's a very good chance that the whole EU will give serious thought to many current issues - and the UK will be there actually contributing.)

    Oh, and please point us to where Junker said he would teach the UK a lesson.

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    Bit at the bottom of the page.
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    My bad,,, I apologise most reservedly.. It wasn't Juncker's who said that,, it was actually Michael Barnier, who told a private audience in Italy. An EU Commission spokesman said later that Barnier made the remarks at a private event and that they were not meant for publication." So,,, why did he say those words in the bloody first place?
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    Can you provide a link to the specific youguv poll you're referring to?
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    Only the hard of thinking would pretend to themselves that the entire existence of the EU depends on them giving the UK and good deal.
    As you've previously said, they (the eu project) have a lot more to lose than we do.
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    At some point in the 90s some clever British chap invented something called the ‘world wide web’. It’s very good. Especially the ‘world wide’ bit.

    Instead of just reading U.K. sources and guessing at what Europeans think, you can actually read foreign newspapers. Some clever chaps/ladies (but probably chaps) at Google will even (roughly) translate it for you.

    This may give you an indication of how worried people are in other countries about Brexit. Eg how much the Germans think they need the U.K. or whether they say they should prioritise their common market.

    I’ll let you browse this ‘world wide web’ thing for yourself and form your own opinions.

    I last looked at Spiegel about a month ago. The (translated) headline was “EU fears loss of British trade”.

    Oh wait. No it wasn’t. It was “EU fears loss of British reality”. Intriguing. I wonder what that means... click.. oh.
    They think we’re delusional in the negotiations.
    O-kay. What does it say now? German firms prepare for hard Brexit. Hmmm they don’t sound like they’re going to fold.

    I can’t face the French papers again. The Germans want to talk about business. Which is fine. The French just want to laugh at us.

    (Insert appropriate holy grail clip here)
  19. And a majority of the French population now want Britain to f... Brexit.

    I really cannot blame them.
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    Since when did you care what a majority of people want?

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