Who would like to see Joiners etc be cert reg ?

Discussion in 'Carpenters' Talk' started by FT Joiner, Apr 7, 2008.

  1. FT Joiner

    FT Joiner New Member

    After many a debate I think its time that joiners, roofers,kitchen fitters,builders become a cert registered ? Just like corgi and niciec ! I think its time that the cowboys were rid of ! I have seen and heard so many horror stories in the 16years I have been in this game it is sickening. So I am looking to get something done to cut the cowboys. Sign below if you agree and I will contact my local MP and see what we can achive with it!!

    Kind regards
  2. audi-evo

    audi-evo Active Member

    Stick your certs up your @rse
    what the hell is an apprenticeship for if you need certs later, *** leave it!!!!!!!!!!!
    You think certs will stop cowboys?
    will it b0ll0x, just another load of hassle for honest workers.
    Cowboys don't play by the rules!!!!!!
    And you will always find greedy punters that will employ them.
    What's your cert gonna say "it is now a criminal offence to put up a wonky shelf"

    "**** worktop mitres now carry a 6 month prison scentence"

    We have enought cr@p to do without looking for more!!!
  3. murrmac

    murrmac Member

    great idea , I'm all for it.

    also, it should be made illegal to operate without your van being clearly signwritten with your address and phone no.

    but why stop at builders and joiners ? how about landscape contractors, decorators and removal firms ?

    and window cleaners as well ...
  4. audi-evo

    audi-evo Active Member

    It's just going mad!!!!!!!!!
    I read in a trade flooring magazine, all true,

    On a site flooring contractors were told they must wear
    saftey boots (not their trainers)
    Overalls (not their snickers)
    Face mask, goggles, hard hat, oh and they were told for saftey reasons NO STANLEY KNIVES ALLOWED ON SITE!!!!!!!!!

    Now your carpet fitter wears trainers, snickers, a tee shirt and has at all times two stanley knives on him.

    You cant fit without a stanley knife (even though the site foreman sugested using scissors)

    Load of cr@p!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. murrmac

    murrmac Member

    audi, forgive me for being pernickety and nit-picking, but no carpet fitter would dream of using a "stanley " knife.

    without exception, they use Janser Dolphin knives
  6. audi-evo

    audi-evo Active Member

    absolute b0ll0x mate, we use stanley titans, have done for years, dolphins take your knuckles off, titans are better angled.
  7. audi-evo

    audi-evo Active Member

  8. HudsonCarpentry

    HudsonCarpentry New Member

    Im with audi on this one, its a stupid idea, customers don't care anyway or are not educated to the certs.

    Last year i was only asked once whether i even had an qualification in carpentry, this year i haven't been asked yet.

    More hassle that will see alot of good chippys etc not beable to work legally.

    To much politics in this world as it is...

    and as for vans having to be signwritten and have a clearly writen (in most cases HOME) address is even more silly, thats just advertising in some high crime cities where you store your tools... paper work yes, vans no ...logo, web address and telephone number is more then enough.
  9. murrmac

    murrmac Member

    Dolphin knife

    you could be right, audi, but anytime I have borrowed from a carpet fitter, it was a dolphin ...
  10. murrmac

    murrmac Member

    Hudson, go to Google and input


    *** ...
  11. audi-evo

    audi-evo Active Member

    Cheers mate but i know what a dolphin looks like, i've got a half a dozzen or so lying collecting dust.
    All of the fitters i know use titans, have done for years.
    There are some fitters still using dophins but most use titans.
    Out of interest how often do you borrow knives from carpet fitters?
    Tell you what i have a few dolphins doing nowt you can have for 3 quid each ;)
  12. audi-evo

    audi-evo Active Member

    here's another one for you, i have employed a few carpet/floor fitters over the years and never asked for their "bit of paper"
    I give them a couple of jobs and watch them, you can tell very quickly who knows what they are doing, and those who don't, "sorry mate your trail" hasn't worked out!
  13. joinerjohn

    joinerjohn New Member

    I certainly dont want to be certified to do the job I've been doing for years. Why oh why would anyone want to give some of their hard earned money to some trade association? Just ask yourself this one question and answer honestly. Would this make any of us better joiners? I think we all know the answer. Anyway, the government gets enough money out of us in income tax, national insurance etc. Look at the way the sparkies kicked up when part p was introduced.
  14. audi-evo

    audi-evo Active Member

    I know 2 carpet fitters who have both put in the same time, one has lots of bits of paper as the firm he trained with as a youngster put him on all the courses going, the other was trained by his self employed dad and has no formal qualifications.
    They are both top fitters and both equally as good as each other!
  15. xtegmartin

    xtegmartin New Member

    whats the CSCS card for then? isn't that a type of cert reg

  16. Captain Leaky

    Captain Leaky New Member

    Certification will open the flood gates to cowboys - look what Part P has done for electricians. BAD NEWS!

    All that would happen is loads of short courses would set up churning out " certified chippies" over a long weekend.

    The trade would be ruined.
  17. Mr Mike

    Mr Mike New Member

    murrmac, I live and work in South East London......to sign write my van would be an advert for thieves. Carpenter's carry a multitude of expensive tools and thieves know that.......that's a stupid idea. Not to mention the fact that I don't want joe shmoe ringing me to quote for re-hanging their kitchen cupboard door that's fallen off......

    I have a regular customer that's been ripped off by two cowboys in succession.....both member's of Federation of Master Builders......the customer complained to the Federation that wouldn't send out an assessor to view the shoddy work.....what's the point in that ? I've since seen the FMB on Watchdog.

    If City & Guilds combined with experience doesn't count enough as being 'cert reg'd' , then try joining the Institute of Carpenters.....no, it won't make you a better joiner.....but probably holds more kudos than other trade associations that I'm aware of....
  18. FT Joiner

    FT Joiner New Member

    This is a great idea i think. And of course it will stop the cowboys if you are vetted by this and customers can have some sort of come back if you do a bad job! I personally have no problem with someone coming out and checking my work. So what if you have been doing your trade for 25years plus it does not mean that you do a good job! This is for bonified tradesmen who have nothing to hide. Yeah I think you should have the option weather you should be registered or not thats upto you but it does put you in better stand to win more contracts and be recognized at least customers have the option to use a cert reg tradesman or a non reg tradesman then if they do use a none reg tradesman then they only have their selfs to blame when something goes wrong!
  19. FT Joiner

    FT Joiner New Member

    The FMB,guild of master craftsmen etc etc are just a load of ******** ! When I am saying about a cert a mean like CORGI not some shoddy outfit who is just in it for the money. I know of 3 builders who work is shocking and they are members of the FMB. The cscs card is more for site work not domestic work also labours can get a cscs card so that means nothing. Also city and guilds and apprenticeship means nothing either. None of this means your a good competent tradesman! Also it will stop all the Polish and other immagrants taking our work! Think about it ...... It makes sense unless you got something to hide!
  20. !!

    !! New Member

    Think about it ...... It
    makes sense unless you got something to hide!

    Nothing to hide, but I've plenty of money to save and already have enough paperwork on my desk. bad tradesman have and always will exsist.

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