Why have my newly painted walls got damp like patches on them

Discussion in 'Painters' Talk' started by lottielucy, Jul 20, 2011.

  1. lottielucy

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    We have just had our hallway tanked, reboarded and plastered, we waited two weeks for it all to dry and then applied a watered down coat of flat matt emulsion, then two coats of flat matt final colour emulsion, now we can see several large patches that look like damp...   theses patches are on both new and old walls?
  2. blertsville

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    give it time ,it will dry , try ventilating the hallway , it will be fine
  3. gledow

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    Hi could you please let me know if your wall patches have dried and what have you done to solve the mistery, as I am having the same problem, at the end of August I have painted my lounge two weeks later two small patches as in the picture bellow started to apare, when  pressing them with my finger they feel slightly damp and oily like substance one of them is worse than the other.
    I am only guessing maybe before painting the wall I may of have sanded the it until some plaster is shown a bit in some areas, and wiped it with sugar soap, don't remember whether it was dry enough when I have applied the first coat of paint, if this can be the cause, but I ma sure that I have wipped it on the same day maximum 1 hour to 1hour 30 mins before I have painted it?  but cannot really exactly tell if it was dry, asuming it was still slightly wet with sugar soap water  will this cause these patches to apear and have de damp look and feel on the surface of them??  please see picture bellow and please advise if you may know what is gone wrong here, or if there is a possibility of water leak which I cannot figure out as the location of this wall is located downstairs an internal party wall, the pactches are aproximatly half way the wall, no where near the skirting board and I have looked in the next door propperty still could not see as sign of damp or water leaks it's dry as anything.

    I thank you all in advance for your views, advice and contribution, please  help this is becoming very hard to solve since end of August and still ongoing.

    Please click on this picture to view a clearer image.[​IMG]
  4. chippie244

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    Looks like a *  under the * to me!

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  5. pieter2009

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    Stain Block.  Its that simple.  You can paint over it all day long and that stain will keep coming through without it.
  6. gledow

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    Thank for your advice, but the patch is wet I have tried to dry it with a hair dryer but within an hour or so it becomes wet again, ist it ok to apply stain blocker paint over the patch while it's still wet?

    I have looked every where cannot find where the water is coming from, looked in the next door property could not see the source of the problem, this is surely not a rising damp as at the skirting level is dry, but there is a wider and milder patch streching from under ceiling down to this patch on the pictue, checked upstairs under floorboards no sign of dampness or leaking pipes, I may have to chek more thoroughly, if anyone of you have a clue or an idea please help, I thank you all in advance for ur contributions

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