Why party wall agreements for c/breast removal?

Discussion in 'Builders' Talk' started by 12benny, Aug 14, 2009.

  1. paddyodoors

    paddyodoors New Member

    ive got proof benny but i aint got to prove to u besides i dont care what uv read on the web building regs arent set in stone there for guidance at the end of the day if the building inspector dosent think its gonna do the job hes not gonna pass it whether it says in the regs or not its called common sense
  2. 12benny

    12benny New Member

    paddy, there is a well known prize called "The Darwin Prize" given each year for outstanding stupidity. Perhaps you wouldn't object to your name being forwarded.
    Watch my lips: are you ready? Now why are you even on the post if you'r not prepared to read the question or reveal your "proof". Do you keep it under the floor and take it out at night to polish it up?
    Britney Spears phones me up each night and talks naughty but i'm not going to prove it - so there!
  3. paddyodoors

    paddyodoors New Member

    benny i think ul find that to get in the darwin book u have to die .ive been reading ur previous posts and yes if ur gonna remove a chimmney breast it would be a good idea to lift the carpets haha u do make me laugh how is ur kitchen router jig u know the hardwood one for 12 /13 pound u r quality
  4. 12benny

    12benny New Member

    paddy, glad to hear you are reading, or getting someone else to read for you. every little helps. next thing to work on is your writing, really, you must stop posting using weird abbreviations like a 10 year old. By the way, were you threatening me with death?
  5. 12benny

    12benny New Member

    paddy, just had a thought about what you said - are you dead? is that what you are struggling to tell us? if so, then all is forgiven, because belive me, although it somtimes seems like it, we dont often have communication with the other world. Rather than the computer perhaps i'd be better using tea leaves or a wonky table to chat with you.
    Wherever you are keep up the good work.

    NB. You'r not that paddy that had relationships with a dog and is now condemned to nightwalk and howl forever more?
  6. paddyodoors

    paddyodoors New Member

    benny sorry for the poor grammar but unlike u i dont sit in front of a computer all day learning how to be a builder
  7. Maurice Gogg

    Maurice Gogg New Member

    It takes a whole day to learn to be a builder?

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