Why sheath the earth wire

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  1. Legal Sparrow

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    I think you missed my point (perhaps it wasn't clear)

    an example always helps :)

    Assume the nail enters the cable and goes though the live sheath = live nail.

    Now without an earth sheath won't the nail has a much better chance of touching the earth conductor? If there is an earth sheath the nail must also penetrate that, for the earth protection to be effective.
  2. Dr Who

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    Back to the original question...

    'And why doesn't the cable come with it already sheathed as the live and neutral are'

    The reason for this I suspect that it does not already come sheathed is that it does not need to be sheathed - It is not a primary conductor and it is insulated by the grey PVC (until of course you strip it).

    If you don't need it, then manufactures will not sheath it because this increases the costs of the cable. Costs which are inevitably passed on to the consumer! What sparky is going to buy T&E (sheathed) at X pence more when the cheaper standard stuff?

    Dr Who

    The last
  3. supersparky

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    well....your not too clear...do you mean DONT sheath or DO sheath?
    im sayin dont for the reason given....

  4. supersparky

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    the cpc does not need to be cos its NOT A CURRENT CARRYING CORE, its not designed to be!!!
    Its is also for protection, if it was hit across live and earth, more chance of a trip and not a fry
  5. Legal Sparrow

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    definitely not sheath. doh if only i'd put those few words in the original post. Still helped your post count up a couple ;)
  6. supersparky

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    like i need it i leave at 1500.......
    in fact im leavin now....for work again......


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