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  1. Allan 0789

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    We have just had a kitchen installed by wicks however although the fitter was very good I have concerns about the working of there system and the fitter being a third party to other tradesmen ( paymaster)

    We supplied the white goods only and I done the electrical works being qualified we paid £2600 to the supplers for fitting kitchen including white good however the fitter wanter £63.00 to fit EACH oven.misrowave.hob. integral refrigerator. £100 each to fit plumbing to washing machine,dishwasher he said sink was in fitment price.

    £160 to fit gas hob. Employing third party gas pipe in position was originally electric

    £160 to move radiator approx 2 MTRS involving capping of old radiator re fixing in new position and teeing of into pipe running by skirting I drained down for him

    It appears to me that when you order the kitchen there appears lack of clarity

    Please your view as a fitter would be much appreciated thanks
  2. kitfit1

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    I can only speak for myself and my fitting partner and as we don't fit for any of "the sheds" i'm not privy to any fitting prices they use. When we price up for fitting a kitchen, everything is priced individually, that is per cab, per worktop cutout, per worktop joint, per moulding mitre. All sinks have a fixed price as do all appliances.
    £160 to fit a gas hob is not unreasonable and is in the correct price bracket. £100 for an integrated washing machine, including plumbing and fitting the door is also in the correct price bracket. If you did the draining down and re-filling of your heating system, then £80 to move the rad would be what i would be asking.

    If you are thinking you have been overcharged, generally speaking i wouldn't agree with that. It looks to me like the fitter has charged you the right amount.
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  3. Jimmycloutnail

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    Did the fitter carry out a survey befor the fit took place that what usually happens when fitting for the big retail outlet? If he did surely you agreed to the cost of fitting your appliances? If you were not happy with the quote you could have gone to someone else?

    If you were to get a gas safe engineer to install your appliance you wouldn’t get much change from 160 and the fitter has to cut the appture for it to fit for this money pay vat and income tax on that so is pretty cheap to be fair

    All the other appliances also involve supply of plumbing materials and installing doors or filler panels to fit so not just a case of putting a plug in a socket

    At the end of the day the big retailers are charging you a premium by basically giving the fitter next to nothing to fit the base units and worktops, that you have paid them, and then allowing them to charge reasonable money for the fitting of the appliances directly
  4. dobbie

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    What did the invoice from Wickes include.
    Did it include the fitting of white or white goods to be fitted by others.
    I have never paid to have a kitchen but if it was an all in quote the white goods should be included.
  5. metrokitchens

    metrokitchens Well-Known Member

    Those are good prices for the work involved. Below the Wickes standardised price. ( in outer london anyhow ) .

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