Will a mitre clamp help me

Discussion in 'Tool Talk' started by lemonade, Sep 15, 2019.

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    Only if you are joining a mitre joint with that type of clamp.
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    You can maybe try miter fix (item no. 28848 or 35338) from Screwfix. very quick setting 2 part adhesive, then drill and screw corners?
  4. Wayners

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    Pocket hole jig might help. Pulls it tight so add glue for good fix
  5. sospan

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    No a pocket hole jig wont work to line up the timber

    One of the best things is to get one of these. It is a simple L bracket and you can clamp them internally or externally and they will hold your timber square. I use them all the time for wall framing especially when you are working by yourself. There are drawing to make your own out of plywood but these are much easier.


    If you need a cheaper / quicker / dirtier version, Lidl are selling these heavy duty corner brackets for £1.99. Temporarily screw (or clamp) them in place, fix the frame together and keep the brackets for another use


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  6. lemonade

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    Where can you get the plastic L brackets from.
  7. Mike58

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  8. Mike58

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    Have those in both small and large sizes - work well.
  9. DIYDave.

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    I like the look of those plastic L brackets, never seen them before but what a simple idea !

    Loads of uses and much easier than struggling with separate clamps and square - especially when working by yourself

    It’s often the simplest ideas that make more sense :)
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  13. Richard_

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    It's important that the joined surfaces are square.

    Imagine this was used for a bookcase and the end of the shelf was not cut true. When the clamps and L bracket are taken off, the shelf end will be pulled in by the screws so the cut face is pulled against the vertical side. So use a mitre saw, bench saw, or router.

    Using glued dowels also avoids the risk of screws pulling your joint out of square. Or those metal zig zag plates that picture framers use that work like a staple on the back.
  14. Mike58

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    Agree about Rockler - thise are in the first image too.They do some really good tools and often and very good prices - German made Bessey clamps are cheaper there than in Germany!

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