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Discussion in 'Screwfix' started by screwfix.peter, Dec 4, 2014.

  1. joinerjohn1

    joinerjohn1 Screwfix Select

    I thought it were good Tompus. (these lot have no musical taste,, I bet they dunna like babby's yeds either) ;);)
  2. plumberboy

    plumberboy Well-Known Member

    Don't listen to DA Tom he is pure EVIL.:):)
  3. tom.plum

    tom.plum Screwfix Select

    thanks guys, i feel better now :)
  4. FatHands

    FatHands Well-Known Member

  5. screwfix.peter

    screwfix.peter Administrator Staff Member

    Remember to tell us what you think of the screwfix community forum for your chance to win

  6. Hope i win got to start mixing the christmas cake mix ;)
  7. joinerjohn1

    joinerjohn1 Screwfix Select

    Think I've already done that SF Peter (although we do get sidetracked from time to time) I'd just like to add that the default type size is just right, even if we can make it bigger or smaller if we so desire. (not a lot of other forums have this facility and only allow you the default size)
    I'm always happy with the replies to requests for help that I have made (and hope I've made a positive contribution too) A forum is only as good as it's members though,, and we have the best ones here. ;);)
  8. stu1312

    stu1312 Member

    I really like the forum, there is a good bunch on here with only the occasional odd one!!

    I'd love the forum if I win a prize!
  9. Ray Retired

    Ray Retired Active Member

    Slightly straying off topic, but I promise some bits of this post are relevant to the Screwfix Community Forum... I added 'em in the hope SF Peter don't mind me partially hijacking his thread with a timely bump of my own. :)

    First off, I'd like to take the opportunity to offer seasonal good wishes and me gratitude to all the folks who make up the Screwfix team... Me being righteously impressed by the product range together with the excellent sales and after sales service Screwfix offers as a company lead me to a great gushing fountain bursting forth with pearls of wisdom that some refer to as the Screwfix Community Forum. For me the two go hand in glove, inseparably linked in providing the tools for the job with the back-up of help and advice when needed.

    In my experience, efficient service is down to the lads and lasses who graft behind the scenes. So a personal thank you and my best wishes for a very Merry Christmas and the Happiest of New Years go to Hayley and Nicole for admirably resolving the few things that didn't go quite as supremely smoothly in 2014 as I've grown accustomed to expect... Oh, and I'll raise a glass to toast Screwfix Peter out of respect for his work on the forum software and continuing efforts grappling with Forum spambots this coming year!

    One of the perks of being retired is havin' time on me hands to drone on and on, but if anyone's bothered to read this far... Having retired from the rat race 'n these days enjoying life in me man cave as a keen DIY'er, I never fail to be best chuffed to see lads 'n lasses of their respective trades as well as those with practical experience promoting health and safety over pointing a forum user to a workaround way of doing things, especially in regards to electrical and gas work. If it serves to have the OP or any other reader think twice about their competence or the wisdom of saving some money over risking the potentially devastating consequences of a DIY approach... Then in my humble opinion, the Screwfix Community Forum is immeasurably more than simply a source of information and oft amusing banter.

    Hopefully I've managed to write the above without sounding like a total a hole kissing kind of guy that wants a free Mixer Drill. I won't deny it'll be put to good use come next spring if Mr ParcelForce were to plonk it on me doorstep, but it most certainly weren't me motivation for this post... Where's Sean gone BTW? I kinda miss reading his input over my morning cuppa!... And can somebody kindly tell me where I find the options to change font size and add emoticons, I think I broke something.

    Best wishes for a happy festive season goes to each 'n every Community Forum member plus those that lurk among us and may each of your posts be shorter than this one whoever your God may be...
  10. Ghost-1

    Ghost-1 Active Member

    Good forum, ideal to have a moan.....or big up, wotever is necessary.

    My mixer drill has just conked out. ;)
  11. plumberboy

    plumberboy Well-Known Member

    Well when I win it you can buy it off me,at a good price.:)
  12. Leeso

    Leeso New Member

    Great forum, ideal place to ask questions and find answers. Love shopping at screwfix can't recommend enough!
  13. Mr Jenks

    Mr Jenks Member

    As a qualified tradesman that has been doing a different job for the last 15 years and therefore lost my ongoing certification, the guys on the forum have kept me informed of the latest rules and regulations. This keeps me both legal and more than satisfied that i can still undertake my own jobs without fear of big brother coming down on me or god forbid me doing something wrong without realising it!
    The guys are in the main extremely helpful with only a few derogatory comments about 'should be getting somebody qualified in to do it'! I HAVE ASKED FOR HELP AND IT HAS BEEN FREELY GIVEN, so a big thanks to everyone that bothered to reply!
  14. Aaaaargh - I forgot a couple of HUGE omissions from this forum.

    The first is a lurv smiley. Badly needed.

    And the second - having chust read Ray's post above - is a boak smiley... *

    Thankfully, this one's already here - :p

    * Yes - the Scottish definition :rolleyes:
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  15. tom.plum

    tom.plum Screwfix Select

    ahh a refreshing change there as usual from our leader Mr Devs, he's found a couple of negatives, a couple of minor things hardly worth the mention but, look long aand hard enough and you'll always find something, and that in a nutshell describes the forum, its almost flawless and i think screwfix Peter should award himself the egg whisk for making this forum what it is,
    and give us all a voucher for a drill :D:)
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  16. Phil the Paver

    Phil the Paver Screwfix Select

    I've got to say, Mr Screwfix ( Peter) does an excellent job of keeping the forum tidy and free from spam etc, so three cheers to him and the rest of the crew for that.

    Now what job can I do with that mixer. :D:D
  17. Phil the Paver

    Phil the Paver Screwfix Select

  18. Ray Retired

    Ray Retired Active Member

    :D Ahh Mr Devs... To be sure t'was a genuine delight to see the post was read in the manner intended. :p

    >reinserts place tongue in cheek smiley< South of the border it is common among some plebeians to make amends should they ever cause a Scots man to retch, so I offer atonement of seasonal wishes for your Hogmanay be so extraordinary joyous it sees this year end with Auld Lang Syne warming your heart.

    I also feel I owe the people of Scotland my eternal gratitude for making 2014 so memorable for the amount of air time given to their elected representatives, Ms Sturgeon and Mr Salmond... Aye, for that I'm truly thankful, cheers! :p
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  19. screwfix.peter

    screwfix.peter Administrator Staff Member


    Thank you all for your feedback, and if you have any further thoughts about the forum please let me know.

    We have randomly drawn a winner from all the contributors on this post.

    Congratulations @stu1312 you have won the Mixer Drill. I will be PMing you shortly for your address details.

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