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  1. SB Extension

    SB Extension New Member


    I am trying to source windows for my extension which is currently being built. I notice that in the descriptions of the upvc windows that screwfix sell it states that building control approval will be needed for certain applications.
    Does anyone know what these applications may be or weather they are likely to prohibit the use of them in an extension?


    SB E
  2. jonah.

    jonah. New Member

    I dont Know for certain cause I havn't read the SF description. Approval is needed for all windows either through Building Control via an application or FENSA registered installer. The SF description probably covers DIY or non registered installers.

    As long as they are manufacturerd in accordance with Doc L1 (thermally) and F (Ventilation) then you should be OK with either route.

    Cheers - Jonah
  3. building control

    building control New Member

    as was said if you are not an approved installer, you need Building Regs.

    plenty dont bother.
  4. SDSMax

    SDSMax New Member

    > plenty dont bother.

    they'll bother when they find they can't sell their house!
  5. building control

    building control New Member

    I was getting to that, but I keep being told on here its not a problem.
  6. cheltonian

    cheltonian New Member

    If you have already applied for building regs on your extension your new windows will be covered under these.
  7. SB Extension

    SB Extension New Member

    Thanks for the replies

    I have had my building regs application checked and passed. The regs drawing does not go into detail of the new windows to be fitted. The screwfix windows do look very similar to the windows in the rest of the house. I have made all the new windows standard sizes so that they can be bought off the shelf. I will probably get them from wickes as they are cheaper.
    The screwfix description just put a bit of doubt in my mind as to wather there may be a problem with using them or not.

    Thanks again

    SB E

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