Wireless CH Room Stat - Recommendation for elderly users

Discussion in 'Plumbers' Talk' started by Adrian Williams, Jan 26, 2019.

  1. Adrian Williams

    Adrian Williams New Member

    Hi, I'm back for more of your expert advice.

    My parents have a 7 year old Worcester Bosch combi boiler paired with a SALUS RT500 wireless room stat.

    From day one - they've hated the room stat, finding it very difficult to use, and I have to say that I've read the manual and I cant get my head around it (maybe it's me.....)

    What's your best recommendation for a wireless stat (my parents are 77/87 and not tech savvy...)

    Needs to be:

    * Wireless but without reliance on a mobile phone
    * As easy as possible to use
    * Particularly easy to switch on and off at will, adjust temps etc between main heating times

    Thanks in advance!
  2. kiaora

    kiaora Well-Known Member

  3. dobbie

    dobbie Well-Known Member

  4. Adrian Williams

    Adrian Williams New Member

    Thanks both of you for your suggestions, and you're right - both appear very easy to use, however, they need a daily programming function as well so that heating's on and off at set times during the day, (currently OK with 2 periods per day) with ability to switch on and off at will, in between.

    Apologies for not clarifying.

    Any further suggestions?

    Thanks again
  5. MGW

    MGW Well-Known Member

    The one dobbie has linked to is what I have in my house, in theory not suitable for a modulating boiler, however it has fail safe, if no signal in 1/2 hour it turns off, so if batteries go flat (last about 2 years) then it does not stick on. It has a mark/space system to reduce hysteresis which was great with non modulating boilers, but it increases the amount it cycles, it is a trade off, should not really need a wall thermostat the TRV should control temperature in each room, but it took me ages to adjust my TRV's to work A1 so if not really worried about super economy then easier to use wall thermostat.
  6. Mike83

    Mike83 Well-Known Member

    No programmable stat will be easy to use for most older folks.
    Even with instructions they can be difficult to understand.

    You could fit a wired programmer next to the boiler and fit a wireless stat. More work and expense but you then have the pick of any single channel programmer and any wireless stat.

    Honeywell do an sundial rf pack 1. This is a wired programmer but the wireless stat communicates directly with the programmer.

    A Drayton sm1 paired with an old style dial stat is probably the easiest combination.
  7. Adrian Williams

    Adrian Williams New Member

    Good advice - thanks very much. I've got a couple of options to look at there. The alternative approach is worth thinking about.....
  8. Tom Lambert

    Tom Lambert New Member

    I'd recommend Nest to be honest. Can be had for a bargain like on black friday too. It's not reliant on a mobile phone, although the tech integration could mean you can keep tabs on how they're doing.

    There really isn't anything as good as Nest on the market. I personally have the thermostat that's £25 at Toolstation but it lacks a weekly program mode and the hysteresis is too high; if you set it to 20 it'll go down to 18.5 degrees before it turns on then up to 21 degrees before it turns off. The nest has a hysteresis of 0.5 degrees so your parents will never get too cold. It learns what your parents' habits are so they'll never be too cold.
  9. Muzungu

    Muzungu Active Member

    Not surprised you're having problems with the instructions, I've recently put in a Salus 510rf and the instructions, although very pretty with step by step graphics, are hopeless particularly in how to program it; some functions are just not explained at all. I downloaded another set from the Salus site which, while being in the same format, was much clearer and more comprehensive. Quite happy with the thing now. Hysteresis on it is about 1 degree.
  10. Adrian Williams

    Adrian Williams New Member

    Tom - that's an interesting suggestion which I need to take a look at - many thanks. Muzungu - glad it isn't just me, but I'll take a look at the Salus site, just to be sure that we're not missing anything.
  11. sinewave

    sinewave Screwfix Select

    Get them an 'Alexa' and connect to a Nest Stat.

    They can just talk to it then! :cool:
  12. Adrian Williams

    Adrian Williams New Member

    Haaa! sounds good to me! Not sure my parents would be so keen!

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