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Discussion in 'Electricians' Talk' started by The Jiggler, Nov 7, 2003.

  1. The Jiggler

    The Jiggler New Member

    Does anyone know if it is still possible to get a device that allows for remote outlets on a domestic TV network wirelessly? - I have a situation where I cannot cable to a TV from an amplifier due to a completely ceramic tiled environment.
  2. spe

    spe New Member

    I don't know of any wireless device that resends the whole UHF channel range, that'd take a whole lot of processing and frequency shifting that I don't think is possible.

    So it sounds like you need to use a wireless re-sender. You can get them with or without IR return channels. I think they only send the input from an AV connection.

    The video senders of old, that you can still find at boot sales, used to simply broadcast their AV input onto a UHF frequency for all the neighbours to watch. These days you buy a sender and a receiver, and they all use the un-licensed 2.4Ghz range for transmission. The receiving end of the pair either outputs via a UHF modulator or an AV connection, sometimes both.

    If I were doing this I'd use a re-sender pair with IR return and buy a really cheap VCR to connect to the UHF feed at the transmitting end. Feed the AV output from the VCR to the sender unit and use the IR VCR handset at the TV end to change channel whilst the TV stays fixed on either the AV or UHF input from the video-receiver depending upon which is available on your re-sender unit.

    I know its a bit kludgy but it would work.
  3. The Dormouse

    The Dormouse New Member

    I agree with 'spe' but this is a good opportunity to re-cycle an old VCR which has a dud tape mechanism. If you haven't already got one in the loft, you might be able to find one in a skip outside a local repair shop.

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