Wirering size for double oven and Induction Hob

Discussion in 'Electricians' Talk' started by creamcrackered, May 2, 2010.

  1. creamcrackered

    creamcrackered New Member

    i will soon be changing from an all gas cooker to NEFF T4383N2 induction hob rated @ 7.3kw, and a NEFF U14M62 double oven. there is an existing cooker outlet where the hob is to be situated, i'll need to run in a new cable the new oven position.

    the oven is on order, so i can't access the manual for tech info, searched hard online for the ovens power rating with no luck.

    i am an alarm engineer, so well used to running cables. i don't have a spare way on the fuse board ad not brave or crazy enough to tamper.

    all the final connections and the fuse board expansion will be done eventually by a qualified sparks to protect my wife (let alone me). so please, no need for any safety lectures on Part P chapter and verse ;).

    i simply want to run the correctly rated cable, ready for him to complete, but he is on holiday for 3 weeks and we bought the appliances suddenly today, having secured a real bargain deal.

    all will be done as i do other works to modernise my kitchen but before the spark is available to return.

    i ran the cable calculator on TLC's web site, based on 25 meters (nearer 15 meters in real life), which gave 7.3kw as 6mm (32amp) for which the existing supply should be ok for the hob.

    but what size should i use for a double oven 6mm or 10mm over appx 25 meters?

    regs and thanks for any help.
  2. getalifeyoulot

    getalifeyoulot New Member

  3. JP.

    JP. Screwfix Select

    The oven is 4.6kW.

    The 6mm which is in situ looks good to supply both appliances Cream. However saying that it would be pertinent to carry out an IR/Cont check on the cable, and also check on any regs etc prior to energizing the items.
  4. Joelp1

    Joelp1 New Member

    would 25m, 6mm and 32A comply with voltage drop? Dont have the book to hand.
  5. creamcrackered

    creamcrackered New Member

    thanks guys,

    i've decided to go a bit ott cautious, and run both units with separate 4mm supplies, so bought a new 50 meter roll of cable, and having got it for £25 posted i thought why piddle about and not use it all up? not like i'm ever going to need it for anything else - if i have my way.

    also going to use separate local cooker switches, and seperate 32a breakers.

    this also means if one device happens to go down with a short, the strify can still use the other to massacre (err sorry!) cook, on instead of resorting to the gas barby.

    now going in for a new split load larger consumer unit, which will be down to the sparks to connect - i well know my own limitations, misplaced confidence can lead to a dose injury convalescence.

    the existing is bang up close to the ceiling in he garage, makes it a real pig to reset a breaker when a light bulb pops, i end up clambering over the usual garage toot and using a snooker cue to reach.

    the tails are long enough to reach the new CU position so not to bad a job, as long as they are suitably thick for the new cooker loads.

  6. JP.

    JP. Screwfix Select

    I wouldn't use two supplies and two switches and stuff..more chasing and this and that. Check the adiabatic OP.

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